Slot Machine Hit Frequency – Five Secrets That Can Surprise You

Slot Machine Hit Frequency – Five Secrets That Can Surprise You

If you are a new gambler testing the waters with slot machines, you probably haven’t heard of the term hit frequency. Even if you have, you probably do not know what it means. Well, it’s pretty simple. The hit frequency of a slot machine just refers to how often it pays out. It does not matter what the prize is. The more frequently a slot machine pays out, the higher its hit frequency is going to be. As hit frequency does not depend on how much money a machine pays out but rather how often. The prize could be anywhere from getting back your bet amount to getting the progressive jackpot.

Usually, slot machines that have bigger jackpots pay less frequently, which means they have a lower hit frequency. And the machines that have smaller jackpots pay out more frequently and have a higher hit frequency. If you want to know more about the hit rate or hit frequency of slot machines, here are five secrets that casinos don’t discuss often.

Casinos Don’t Alter Hit Frequency

It is one of the oldest rumors about slot machines. People tend to think that casinos tweak the payback percentage as well as the hit frequency regularly. Which will result in them pulling more money from the customers. But this is simply not true. This is not to say that the casinos do not have the power to make these changes. But if a casino was caught making changes to their machines to rip off the customers, their reputation will be ruined forever. No casino is going to take that chance.

Wager Size Does Not Affect Hit Frequency

Another myth in the industry is that if you wager more money, the hit frequency of the machine will increase. This belief leads people to wager more money. But this is just a myth. The hit frequency of any slot machine is predetermined and does not change with the wager amount. It will pay out randomly and if you’re lucky, you will win. A higher bet does make way to getting bigger prizes. But at the frequency at which the machines pay off the prizes remain the same.

Location Doesn’t Affect Slot Hit Frequency

This is another age-old rumor that has no base in reality. People tend to think that casinos change the hit frequencies of the slot machines based on where they’re placed in the establishment. They say that the machines placed near their elevators and the ones close to the exit and entry gates have a higher hit frequency than the others. This is just not true. No casino will ever take a chance like this. Because if people got a hint of what they were doing, they will only play on the aforementioned machines. And that would make the casinos lose a huge amount of money. So they do not change the hit frequency based on where the machine is.

Hit Frequency Does not Impact Profit

Since the hit frequency of a slot machine means how often it pays out, people think they’re more profitable. It is understandable too. If there is more chance of getting paid, then that must be the better machine, right? Well, not really. A lot of machines payout pretty often, but they only give tiny prizes. This sometimes doesn’t even cover the wager amount. These machines make a lot of money for the casino and have a high hit frequency. But inevitably, they are bad for the players. So do not depend on hit frequency to make you a profit.

Slot Hit Frequencies are Deceptive

In the end, you have to understand that the whole idea of hit frequency is quite confusing and deceptive. There are a lot of terms and jargon used in the casino world, and it is one of them. People often think that if a slot machine with a high hit frequency hasn’t paid off in a while, it will do so soon. But that’s not the case. Hit frequency only means that on average, it pays off after a certain number of spins This does not mean that it is bound to pay off after that exact number of spins. This can be quite deceptive, especially to new players.


Slot machines are simple and that’s why they’re popular. But if you want to make money off of slot games, you should cover all your bases and do your research. Even if you are a recreational player, winning money is always a plus. So do not depend on a machine’s hit frequency and play to your heart’s content.

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