Slot RTP or Slot Theme: Which one does casino players go for while choosing slots?

Slot RTP or Slot Theme: Which one does casino players go for while choosing slots?

With the introduction of online gambling to the masses, we have seen a massive improvement in the way people gamble. Not only can you gamble from the safety and comfort of your home, but you also have thousands of options to choose from. You can play any games you want, on any website you want without any worries. This theme also continues into slots. Online slots offer a vastly varying degree of options that you can choose from while playing. And since there are so many options, people usually look at two things while they play slots. The first is the RTP rate and the second is their themes. But how are they different and which one should you choose? Let’s figure that out. 

What is RTP? 

RTP means Return to Player. In simpler language, it is the amount any player can expect to win back from any machine. This means, the higher the RTP for a slot machine is, the more the player can expect to win back in terms of money. So obviously, this is a very important thing to look for while choosing your slots. If a slot machine has a 97% RTP rate, it means that if you wager $100 on that machine, you can expect to win back $97. Unless of course, you win the jackpot. But it is all probability and there is no surety that you will win a particular amount. 

What are Themes in Slot Machines? 

A game’s theme is essentially its aesthetics. It does not influence your chances of winning or losing in any way but is just there to please the eye. If a player picks a theme based on their interest, it will increase their playing experience with specialized display and sound. For example, if you are a superhero comics or movie fan, then you can pick a slot based on these things and you will get a better experience while playing. 

Why do Players Take RTP Slots Rate into Account? 

As you might have already guessed, RTP is pretty important while choosing any slot machine. Anyway, slots have some of the worse odds out of any other casino games that you might play. So it is wise to increase your chances of winning any way you can. Since RTP influences how much money you can win or lose in the long term, it is a good idea to take it into account while choosing a game to play. But also remember that RTP only makes any significant difference when you are playing for a long time. If you are only playing for a short while for fun, then there is not much RTP rate can do to influence the results. But for any long-term player that wants to make money off of slot machines, RTP can be a very important factor. 

Why do Players take Slots Themes into Account? 

Themes can be pretty important for some players while choosing their slot machines, and we understand why. Playing on a machine that has a theme that matches your interests will greatly improve your gaming experience. Some of the themed machines are so good that they not only have specialized aesthetics but also customized sounds to attract the players. If you are a travel enthusiast, you can play on machines that are themed after different travel destinations. The options are truly endless when it comes to choosing a machine based on your interest. There are superhero-themed machines that have different animations and sounds that match that particular superhero movie. These things make these machines very special for some people. 


As we have reached the end of the article. And we have compared the two components that people look for while playing slots. Some people look at the RTP rate of the game and decide which one to play depending on that. On the other hand, some people want to enjoy cool animations and aesthetics. They decided on their games based on themes.

It is really hard for us to tell you which one to go for. But if you are someone that wants to play slots for a long time and wants to make money off it, then you should consider a game’s RTP before playing. RTP has some influence over how much money you are going to make long-term off that machine. On the other hand, if you are playing for fun and just want to enjoy the gambling experience, then you should choose your machine by its theme. It ultimately boils down to what results from you are looking for in a slot machine.

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