Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Let’s be honest, all casino players whether casual or elite, have been dreaming of that one fateful day when all stars align and the universe conspire to grant us the ultimate money slots machine jackpot.

Money Slots Wins

Lucky for some people, this has happened many times. Today, we look at the top 10 biggest slot machine wins of all time.

10. $12.8 Million

First on our list is a whopping $12.8 Million jackpot win in the most famous casino city in the world—Las Vegas. The unnamed woman winner has an incredible story to tell as she was just in the city to visit her niece whose birthday celebration was at the Aria Resort. Before she returns to her room, she used her $6 in a slot machine and random numbers popped up. Turns out, she had won the machine’s jackpot–the jackpot for the entirety of Nevada.

9. €11 Million Plus

Online slots grow and sometimes known as having a lower jackpot prizes than its physical, traditional counterpart. However, a Norwegian online slot proves this wrong. Recently, a university student from Norway, in a typical college effort of falling asleep, he spun in online slots and used the corresponding free spins. To his surprise, he won the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt with a monstrous jackpot prize of over €11 million. He didn’t sleep for more nights after his win.

8. $21 Million

A World War II veteran at 92 won the $21 million slot machine jackpot in Las Vegas when he visited his family in the area. Elmer Sherwin was also a true casino veteran and has been gambling for decades. However, nothing could have ever prepared him when he won the biggest jackpot. His winnings did not go on his pocket as a true hero; he donated much to Hurricane Katrina victims . He died in 2007, having lived his dream.

7. $21 Million

Caesar’s Palace is known for its VIP, elite and high rollers. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, if you’re like the famous yet anonymous business consultant, bring the thing that’s happened in Vegas if that thing includes the $21 million jackpot from the Megabucks slot machine. The lucky man only paid $10 and got the ultimate cash prize and only on his first spin—talk about luck.

6. $22 Million

It seems the universe is more generous towards the elderly as next on our list is a 74-year-old woman named Johanna Huendi. She won the $22 Million Megabucks jackpot also in Las Vegas—considered being the fourth largest jackpot ever. Just like the other elderly on this list, Huendi was in the area for a vacation when she bet two bucks into the slot machines. The machine flashed random images and symbols with the cash prize in number stated. At first, she thought she had won $2 million dollars, which was not bad and made her happy. Her ecstatic mood multiplied when she learned that it was $22 million and not just $2 million. Man, some people are just lucky.

5. $24 Million

Halfway to the top of our list and another entry from the online casino world is the $24 Million win from a 25-cent bet. This bet-to-win ratio might be the largest gap ever in the history of gambling itself. The lucky player is a 40-year-old Scandinavian guy from Finland. They reported that he did not know whether to laugh or cry so he did both.

4. £13.2 Million

Another entry from the online casino winnings is the 2012 BetWay win from Microgaming to a British soldier from Chesire. The 26-year-old soldier was trying his luck in the Mega Moolah and hit the four offered jackpots of the game and hitting the Mega One prize. With this, he holds the record for winning the largest jackpot winning ever from an online casino slot.

3. $27.5 Million

They say that you have to be careful in placing your bets. Mistakes such as overspending, wrong betting, and even misplaced bets are looked down upon. However, for the third highest jackpot winner, it happened because of one simple mistake. A retired flight attendant from Las Vegas who was visiting the Palace Station deposited $100 at a Megabucks. Unbeknownst to her, she inserted $300. She almost made a claim against the money slots machine for her mistake but was surprised when she won the jackpot of almost 30 million dollars. The flight attendant in an instant can now afford her own private plane, now that’s a hell of a promotion.

2. $ 35 Million

The second biggest jackpot win ever and also the saddest and most tragic on our list. A cocktail waitress broke every casino and gambling records when she won the highest Megabucks jackpot ever at over $35 Million. However, people say it was a curse as only a month after, she and her sister got into an accident which left her sister dead and her paralyzed from the chest down. She even says that she would give all the money slots prize back just to get her life and body back.

1. $39 Million

At the top of our list is a whopping grand prize of almost forty million dollars given to an anonymous 25-year-old from Los Angeles. A software engineer by profession, the man bet an understandable $100 in a lost machine at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, the man decided to remain anonymous but one can only wonder if he brags this to his friends. With those digits, it’s really hard not to.

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