What Does The Slot Machine Payout Percentage Actually Mean?

What does the slot machine payout percentage actually mean?

The slot machine is no secret that one of the most popular forms of online gambling. Given that they are deviously easy to play and insanely fun, slots are all the rage among gamblers these days. The wacky music, animations, and faster gameplay have resulted in the overwhelming popularity of online slots. These online slots are so popular that they generate almost 70% of the entire revenue generated out of the gambling industry in the US.

Why the Slot Machine is such a big deal?

The offline slot machines of the past have become a part of popular culture due to their simple nature and promise of big jackpots. The slot machines are usually associated with astounding wins at the drop of a hat. This promise has made slots popular among gamblers. However, this popularity has also slipped into the online avatars of the game. Online slot machines have become the order of the day with themes ranging from shiny gems to mighty dragons. The attractive themes however are not the only reason for the popularity of these machines. Slots have a higher payout percentage on average when compared to other gambling avenues. This means that even if you do not win huge amounts of money, you will surely not walk away with huge losses.

Payouts percentages are usually represented out of a percentage of base value 100. Suppose a slot machine has a payout percentage of 95%; it means on a bet of Rs. 100, the average returns to the player are Rs. 95.

Slot Machine Payout Returns

A huge concern that players gambling on slot machines have is the element of bias. The concern is that since the slot machines are run by software, maybe the casinos can tweak them to reduce the winning rate. It is important to understand in this regard the function Random Number Generator or RNG plays. The software uses an RNG. RNG is a microcomputer which generates numbers at random when the players press the button. All the animations that the software makes are a part of the gameplay and do not affect the result. A lot of agencies check these RNG scores for randomness and certify them in accordance, so the concern of rigging is quite baseless.

Payout returns from the slot machine depend directly on the impartiality of the RNG. Quite simply put, the total amount of money won by the player divided by the total amount of money placed as a bet is known as payout return. The time period of such transactions would depend upon the person calculating it, and there’s no fixed limit. 

You can estimate the slot machine payment returns by taking into consideration a number of factors. These include the player’s performance on that slot, the collective performance of the slot across players, comparing the performance of similar slots, and looking at reviews. Usually, the gambler should place bets at the slot machine for 20-25 times as a sample pool if they wish to calculate returns.

Strategy to Maximize Returns

Slot machines are largely based on the element luck. Employing certain strategies are therefore essential to ensure that you do not lose a lot of money.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the rules of the slot you are using. You should keep a track of all the offers, the bonuses, and the special combos,
  2. Do not fall for myths and hacks. A common myth that is quite popular with gamblers is that unpopular slots have better winning rates. Steer clear of such pseudo-scientific advice.
  3. Know your limits and efficiently manage your bankroll. Remember, this is a game of luck, if you are lucky and win, don’t try to push it too hard or you might end up losing all your money.
  4. Calculate the expected returns and payouts before you decide to go all-in on a slot machine. A statistical approach could become the difference between winning handsomely and losing spectacularly.

Offline slots vs. Online slots

For most gamblers, the internet may not exactly be the most trustworthy place when it comes to slot machines and with good reason. Concerns that the results may be fudged by the software do come up from time to time. However, most software providers show the RTP or returns to the player from a slot and hence, helps the player to understand which slot to choose. 

At the end of the day, online slots should ideally be the preference of choice since, along with the requisite certification, they also come with reviews. Such reviews make it easier for a player to calculate payout returns. Online slot machines thus remain the most transparent way to gamble if slots are what you seek.

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