What is Slot Volatility and Why is it important to Know?

slot volatility

Talking about casinos without mentioning slot machines is like talking about fries without ketchup. This classic game has also made its way to the online world in unique, fun, and modern ways. It has virtually endless choices with slot machines, from multi-pay line slots to mobile slots, progressive slots, and mega slots. However, one important factor that influences your decision is slot volatility, whatever type of slot machine you choose to play. It is a term you need to know to fully understand what makes them tick and how slot games work. 

It is a fact that when you start playing casino games, you start finding effective ways and strategies to beat the casino. Undeniably, the slot’s volatility is a significant feature for experienced players. Rarely is this figure expressed in numbers. For the convenience of the players, the manufacturers indicate its level. Various types of slot come with various degree of volatility that ranges from very low to very high. It will dramatically influence the way your slot session looks. In this short guide, you will learn what the volatility of slots is and why it is important to learn it.

What is Slots Volatility?

The volatility of a slot is the term used to refer to the frequency of your payouts in a certain slot game. Moreover, slot volatility also determines the size of the lower payouts than the highest ones. A low volatility slot comes with frequent payouts. Typically, they are smaller in size. On the other hand, high volatility slots provide fewer payouts but often land you a big win. Choosing to play a low-volatility slot than high volatility slot has everything to do with the level of risk you are willing to take when playing slots.

Importance of Understanding Slot Volatility:

Slots Volatility is a feature that mostly not tell by slots developers. Therefore, it is sometimes very hard to determine exactly how volatile a slit is without playing with its quite a bit first. Just well aware about some games are more volatile in comparison to others. It will help you to choose the slot you want to play. Furthermore, slot volatility also determines which games are perfect for you. Generally, slot machines categorize into three volatility levels, which are as follows:

Low Volatility Slots:

These are the slot games whose pay table includes only a few big wins or jackpots at the top. Instead, the biggest possible win in a low volatility slot could be limited as low as 100x your bet or even lower. You will often get small payouts with low volatility slots like 2x or 3x your bet. These games usually have only a few free spins, re-spins, or bonus rounds. Moreover, they generally don’t offer any jackpots. Fruit slots with a low number of pay lines are included in this category. Recently, many slot manufacturers have created fairly intricate low-volatility slots with some bonus features and interesting gameplay dynamics.

Medium Volatility Slots:

Medium-volatility slot games develop a fine compromise between low-volatile and high-volatile slot machines. These games are slightly frustrating but provide highly anticipated wins in return. Furthermore, they usually provide tons of bonus features. It will make it the ideal choice for players who play for entertainment but still want decent wins. 

High Volatility Slots:

It is the complete opposite of low-volatility slots. High Volatility slots can undeniably be stressful to play. They will make you out of your balance quickly, with very few small pay coming your way. However, they can surprise you with a massive win every so often. They are perfect for players who prefer to gamble up and up the stakes. 

You will play several spins in a typical high volatility slot until you finally reach the bonus round, free spins, or another special feature. Remember that the special feature can be worth thousands of times your bet. Many modern high-volatility slots can pay tens of thousands of your bets in single bonus rounds. Moreover, they can also strip your bankroll bare during a bad downswing. It is the reason you should play high volatility slots at lower stakes. It is also suggested that you think twice before you decide to up the stakes and play higher.


The term that describes the connection between the number of winning spins and the average size of the wins is the volatility of slots. Whether you choose lower or high-volatility slot games, learning everything about slot volatility is very important. Remember that the higher the volatility in the slots, the greater the profit and the more challenging it is. Therefore, people with small bankrolls prefer to play low-volatility slots. On the other hand, people with higher rollers choose to play high-volatility slot games. 

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