6 Ways to Tell if You are Betting too much as a Sports Bettor

6 Ways to Tell if You are Betting too much as a Sports Bettor

Sports betting is not easy. If it were as easy as everyone thinks, every gambler will leave Vegas and get up on the sports betting train. It is very hard. And the seasoned veterans know it very well. Not only do you have to know the games and the teams but also the market. But sometimes bettors end up spending too much on sports betting. And more often than not, they do not understand how they are doing so. So what are the ways to identify the habits or practices that make you spend too much? And how do you stop yourself from doing them again? We are here to answer all your questions. 

Not Following Your Bankroll When Betting

Every so often, maybe because you are doing so well, you will stop following your bankroll. It is one of the rookie mistakes that all sports bettors have made once in a while. Most commonly they increase their unit size to win more money. More often than not, this results in them losing more money. Frustrated, they start betting even more money, resulting in a loss of bankroll. Experts advise you to be a flat bettor even when you are winning. You have to decide on a bankroll and unit size, and stick to it. This way, you won’t lose too much money. 

Being Swayed by Trends 

This is a very common occurrence that happens amongst rookie bettors. When they see that a team has won a few games in a row, they want to bet on it without considering other outcomes in the future. And they are often so confident in their bets that they bet a lot of money on them. This makes them lose a lot more money in a very short time. You have to consider all the odds before you make a bet. 

Following Your Heart and not Your Head When Betting

Gambling especially sports betting, is a game of brains. You have to look into and consider all the odds before you make a bet. Only then you can stand a chance of making a living off it. Most of the time, however, people just bet on the team they support. Even though the odds are stacked against them. If you are someone who follows their hearts instead of their brains, sports betting is not a good fit for you. 

Making too many Plays While Betting

Bettors are often advised to place more than one bet because having all your money ride on one bet is ridiculous. But some people take it too far. They will bet on 10-15 games per night and hope for a miracle. This means that they don’t consider all the odds before playing. Which results in terrible decisions and losing all of your bankrolls. If you want to become a successful sports bettor, make sure to never do this. 

Gambler’s Fallacy 

This is more of a superstitious belief that a lot of gamblers have. And of course, sports bettors do too. This is a phenomenon where gamblers believe that if a play has occurred a few times already, the other will happen now. It happens very often in games like craps where people think that since it has landed on black some times in a row, now it will land on red. But that’s not how it works. In sports betting, you have to diligently do all your research before placing your bet, every single time. 

Very High Expectations

People all over the world suffer from this illness of overestimating themselves. It is especially common in rookie sports bettors. People who do not know anything about sports betting think that they can become rich overnight from it. And that’s how they fall. Overconfidence is the worst enemy of any gambler. You should be confident, but never overestimate yourself. Accept the fact that you might lose, and then bet accordingly. 


Of course, there are other mistakes that sports bettors make as well. This is all trial and error for us. It is all going to be confusing until we find the right method that works and stick to it. But before you become a veteran and feel comfortable in the sports betting world, follow these rules. Never go over your bankroll, don’t try to follow trends, and do not be swayed by people giving you advice. Do your research and stick to the play you planned to make. 

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