7 People Who Made the Biggest Sports Accumulator Wins

7 People Who Made the Biggest Sports Accumulator Wins

We generally view sports betting as a multiplied return on investment. On a good day, that would mean something like 3 on 1 odds, i.e., you would profit $2 for every $1 you bet if you won. But would it not be nicer if there was something like a jackpot that gives you ridiculous multipliers? The good news is that there is. This is probably the biggest sports betting equivalent of a slot machine jackpot. These are played out over a series of different games and are called accumulator bets (or acca bets in short). The reason has something to do with how their total payout is calculated. In fact, the simplest method to find the total payout for one acca bet is to multiply all the odds. Let’s say one acca bet plays out over four games, each having respectively 6/4, 3/1, 2/1, and 2/1 odds. The total odds for this will be 30/1 (2.5 x 3 x 2 x 2), i.e., you profit $29 on each $1 you bet! 

The tradeoff should be obvious to you by now. That is: acca bets are quite difficult to win. The highest multipliers for acca bets can have you betting on up to 20 different games a pop, and losing even one of those bets nullifies the whole deal. Naturally, examples of success are few and far between. So much so that the big ones often make news headlines. Here are 7 of those very lucky success stories of people who actually won.

£1.5 million off £2 – Odds at 725,335/1

Steve Whiteley, a 61-year old heating engineer, probably holds the crown of all jaw-dropping jackpots at sports betting. Mr. Whiteley was not a regular punter on horse racing. So on a lovely Tuesday morning in the spring of 2011, he was merely enjoying his day off at the Exeter racecourse. Little did he know that his 2-pound ticket would net him a massive 1.45-pound prize. As he later mentioned in several interviews, ‘shaking like a leaf’, his presence at the racecourse that day was a chance encounter. It was mostly due to a promo event the racecourse was running, whence he got a free entry ticket. 

£1 million off £0.5 – Odds at 2,000,000/1

A million pounds would roughly equate to 1.88 million USD back in 2008. But this unbelievable fortune was the surprise gift awaiting North Yorkshire punter Fred Craggs on his 60th birthday. A fertilizer salesman by occupation, Mr. Creggs was never one to spend more than a pack of cigarette’s worth of money on a bet. It makes sense that the only way he would have made this big of a cash prize amount is through acca bets. In fact, a 2,000,000 to 1 odds is so rare that it comes around maybe once every century. Creggs had to win quite the coup of eight racers running in eight different courses – and he just happened to check all the right boxes. 

£823,000 off £19 – Odds at 181,015/1

An anonymous punter managed to scoop up 800,000-pound sterling at the annual Punchestown Champions Hurdle Day in 2017. He (confirmed male) was a regular punter who had been placing acca bets for twenty years by his own admission. It eventually paid off. The Leicester man wagered 3 pounds on five fourfold and a single 4 pound fivefold acca that day, and his 19 dollar gamble nets him successful odds of nearly 200,000 to 1. 

£574,000 off £1 – Odds at 573,286/1

November 2017 EPL betting had quite an amusing tale of one frustrated housewife who won big on a whimsical bet. Fed up with her son and husband’s sports betting addiction, the unnamed woman went to the sportsbook and wagered a 12-game acca bet. In fact, she happened to choose her teams at random. But lo and behold, she had guessed correctly in every case.

£550,000 off £67 – Odds at 25,500/1

A list like this would be incomplete without Frankie Dettori. The legendary jockey is famous for his legendary status as the ‘Magnificent Seven’ in ’96. He earned £550,823 off a 67.58-pound bet by riding all seven winners of an Ascot horse racing card.

£550,000 off £0.30 – Odds at 1,666,667/1

An anonymous football enthusiast made headlines in 2000 when he predicted the winners of the top five football leagues in England, as well as other games, in his 16-event slip correctly. He earned half a million pounds from just that one thirty pence slip. 

£305,000 off £5 – Odds at 60,000/1

Similar to the last case, a Las Vegas punter scored over 300,000 pounds in a parlay wager by betting on NBA and NCCA college basketball teams, betting on 15 selections. 

These are some of the lucky shots that few people got through risky accumulators. 

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