7 Unknown Facts About Virtual Sports

7 Unknown Facts About Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are simulations of matches of popular games and sports. They feature either fictional or real-life teams on which bettors can bet. With a combination of immersive graphics and commentary, virtual sports give the feel of watching and betting on actual games. Fixed odds are set for each participant and market in the event, and the eventual outcome is a result of random number generation. Moreover, virtual sporting events are much shorter than actual matches, and you can bet on them 24 hours a day. You can play them on PCs from the comfort of your home and yet get the same experience as betting on a real match.

So, here are some not so obvious facts about the virtual sports industry that every gamer must know. 

1. VS are very different from e-sports

When it comes to VS, everything involves computer simulation. There could be some virtual mistakes that the game developers introduce, but those will be due to sheer random timing. On the other hand, e-sports have a real human behind every player’s avatar. Hence, each player is prone to make human errors and react in ways that could impact esports betting.

2. VS betting has better regulations than real sports betting events

Yes, you read that, right! Traditional sports betting is not as regulated as its virtual counterpart. Thus, there are way fewer chances of fixes and scams in virtual sports, ensuring a fair outcome. The virtual races and matches are under strict regulations, and therefore, the player wagering on virtual sports is pretty safe. Furthermore, by betting on virtual sports, you won’t have to worry about ‘surprises’ like injuries and bad weather, which drastically affect real sports events.

3. VS betting is not the same as live betting

A lot of players end up assuming that virtual and live sports betting are pretty much the same. However, they differ quite a lot. For starters, live sports betting doesn’t offer the range of betting options that you’ll find in virtual games. Further, when it comes to live matches, there’s always the chance to study the live teams and players before betting on them. But in VS, all punters have an equal chance of winning as there is no way to research a computer-simulated game.

4. Africa is a raging market for VS

If you think only Asia and Americans obsess with virtual sports, you’d be wrong. Interestingly, Africa is a vast market for VS betting. With over 500 million Africans having access to the Internet, the continent offers big business to the virtual sports betting industry. So, every time you’re betting on a virtual sporting event, you could be sure that you’re up against some African betting fan.

5. VS betting is perfect for beginners

If you’re a novice in the sports betting world, must be extra cautious about the bets you place, right? So, you’re probably just playing for fun before you start risking real money. And that’s something you can easily do in VS. While betting on virtual sports, you don’t need updated knowledge about the actual sports events. All you have to consider are the virtual team profiles and the odds you get from the bookies. Hence, there’s no need for any additional research.

6. Licensing team names is a thing in VS

Have you noticed that some virtual games use names of real teams while others don’t? Well, that’s because some teams have sold their trademarks to certain game providers. Virtual sports companies team up with franchisees and players to use their names and create good branding relationships. Punters can bet on a new virtual game every week, and it’s the vast range of options that keep VS betting interesting.

7. VS teams also have strengths and flaws

Even though virtual sports rely on random number generators, they aren’t a replica of how online slots work. It’s the platform vendors who assign strengths and weaknesses to VS teams. Thus, it’s a combination of random numbers and set factors that decide how the virtual teams and athletes play. But just like in the real world, the performance of virtual players and teams keep changing.


VS has become a common facet of online casinos, garnering millions of fans worldwide. It all started with Atari’s Pong game in 1972 and now includes various sports like basketball, badminton, horse-racing, soccer, and many more. Moreover, with the 2020 pandemic shaking the world to its core, the virtual gaming industry has gained a positive advantage by reaching more bettors. After all, what’s better than some cozy betting from home when real matches start canceling? So, go ahead and give VS betting a try!

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