8 Most Richest Esports Players of All Time

8 Most Richest Esports Players of All Time

The world has changed quickly in the last few years due to the internet, social networks, and streaming services. This growth has brought with it the birth and expansion of Esports. 

Esports, simply put, is the competitive angle of the huge world of online gaming. Many E-Sports leagues are held every year across the globe, and it has a bigger platform than one could imagine. Thousands of fans eagerly wait for these leagues, and there are sponsors for the E-sports players just like real sports. Some of these leagues are not only telecasted to YouTube Gaming or Twitch but also in sports channels like ESPN. 

Being as big a platform as it is, Esports brings more than just hours of entertainment for the players. The prize money is pretty hefty, and some professional gamers have won huge amounts of money in these games. Here are 8 such players who have won big money playing Esports leagues. While most top rich esports players are from ‘Dota 2’, we have accumulated rich players from all game types across platforms to keep the list diverse! 

1. Johan Sundstein (N0tail)

If we are talking about professionals – this Dota2 player tops the list. He and his team OG together have won in two iterations of The International in 2018 and 2019. Other than this, they all participated and became victorious in four Major championships. This Danish pro-gamer alone won 6.9 million dollars from Dota2. He is the most successful Dota2 player of all time, topping our list. 

2. Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha)

Fortnite is an extremely popular game all over the world, especially in the United States. Bugha is an American Fortnite player who has even hit the news after winning $3,000,000.00 in the Fortnite World Cup Finals, 2019- Solo. He has earned around $3,154,061.72 overall from 43 tournaments. The best part, he is still under 18!

3. Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker)

League of Legends is a major game known for its competitive gameplay and infamous community. Faker has been a constant hit when it comes to LoL winning the world championship of LoL three times! The 23 old is still considered the most consistent and the greatest player of LoL. He is number 1 in his country, Korea. He started off in a team called SK Telecom. His total earnings are around $1,257,615.87. Even before 18, he was awarded $255,575.35 from 9 tournaments. 

4. Peter Rasmussen (dupreeh)

Dupreeh is a famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Denmark. CS: GO may be one of the first games which pushed up the esports status to the point where it is currently. He had steadily risen in the game from the age of 19 and had eventually collected $1,856,322.74 from around 150 tournaments. He has been a champion in over 51 Tournaments. 

5. Lee Byeong Yeol (Rogue)

If you are someone who is into real-time strategy games, then Rogue is a player you can bet on when it comes to Starcraft 2. He is from South Korea and currently plays under Dragon Phoenix Gaming. Lee has even drawn some eyes with the IEM Katowice in 2020. He stands at a sweet $860,000.

6. Park Jeong Yeong (Loki)

PUBG is a popular game all over the world and Indians love it. Loki is a 22-year-old PUBG player from South Korea. In the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, he secured the top-three finishes and has also dominated the 2019 MET Asia Series. His worth stands at $704,000.

7. feg

Feg is the highest-earning esports player from Japan. His game – Shadowverse. He made a second appearance in the 2018 Shadowverse World Grand Prix, and he played in a way that made him reach the top and become champion. He may have arrived as an underdog but has eventually become the person everyone looks at. Currently, he stands at a million dollars. 

8. Tony Campbell (Lethul)

If you are a Multiplayer fan and a console fan, then you definitely love Halo. This North American player currently stands at $667,000 and tops in the Halo 5: Guardians game. His notable victory is at the 2016 Halo World Championship where he shared a 1 million dollar price with CLG and Lethul.


With the conclusion of our list comes the realisation that Dota2 is probably the most paid game of all time. All of the people on our list have played and won this game to become millionaires. 

The world of competitive gaming is as interesting as any other sports. Like any other sports tournament, these also are nail-biting till the end. Esports is gradually becoming part of the mainstream sports world.

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