8 Tips to Win Fantasy Cricket Betting

8 Tips to Win Fantasy Cricket Betting

People’s interest in fantasy sports has grown over the years. The age of social media only served to accelerate this growth. The lion’s share of the fantasy sports scene is just European football (fantasy EPL). But fantasy cricket has a very strong foothold in India – especially in cricket tournaments, like IPL. Betting on fantasy cricket can require analytical skills on top of luck. Here are some beginner tips and tricks that will come in handy.

Drop players that will not be playing in the real-life match.

‘Fantasy’ cricket is not so much ‘fantasy’ in the way an uninitiated person would think. In a sense, fantasy cricket is just a roundabout way to wager in a sportsbook. It’s just that the spreadsheets and numbers are replaced with graphics. Ask yourself: how do you score points in fantasy cricket? You rely on the actual performances of the players in real life. So if a certain player will not be playing in the real-life match, drop them from your fantasy team immediately.

Making a balanced team is pointless.

Many players make the mistake of organizing their teams by real-life cricket logic. Real cricket needs balance, but fantasy cricket is not actually about winning the match. On the contrary, it is all about how to get higher scores through well-performing players. So forget about all-rounders, get the batsmen with high T20 strike rates instead.

Rely on the form, not on reputation.

When given the choice of being a virtual tycoon building teams, our personal biases often get in the way. We all have our personal favourite players in real life. But your fixation over all-time good statistics can also seep into the game. You may look at a legendary experienced player’s card and get hooked by its great stats and reputation. You may feel that your team needs to be a roster of high-stats super-athletes. Do not let that fool you. Remember that present long-term performance is the final word. You need to keep in-form players based on current analysis.

Prioritize top-order batsmen.

A team may have a very robust middle-order with world-famous players who can carry a slow game with triple-digit scores. But all that potential does not matter. The first four players on the batting order are usually far more important. Because they are guaranteed to bat and win you those points. Top-order batsmen always matter. 

Be in the know about the pitch conditions.

We all know what a crucial factor the pitch condition can be in cricket. So it pays to research the pitch along with the weather forecast. Seasoned cricket enthusiasts are often familiar with famous stadiums and the general nature of their pitch. But even they need to consistently fact-check and stay up to date. Stadiums can change their pitches radically within a single year.

The toss is crucial.

In a dynamic, fast-paced game like football, the toss holds very little meaning in the bigger scheme of things. That is not the case with cricket. The order in which teams take their turn to bowl can steer the pitch and weather for or against their favor. It is especially important for fantasy cricket. Most fantasy cricket platforms confirm the starting eleven of each team after the toss, so this is your window to make some final adjustments.

Utilize the points system. (captains and vice-captains)

Fantasy cricket is a game of pooling a larger pile of points, through and through. Learn the points system of fantasy cricket. Read up on the individual terms and conditions of your league. Learning the points system can help you understand how to acquire points better.

Diversify your investments.

This is a bit of general financial advice that applies to fantasy leagues as much as it does to real life. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. If you wager 1000 INR, for example, it could be more worthwhile and less risk-averse to put 500 in two games. 

In conclusion, remember that luck plays a big role in fantasy cricket. Sometimes things go wrong even if odds are stacked in your favor. But do not let this break your spirit – it is the long-term success that matters. Besides, there would be no thrill if you are promised a win 100% of the time. Ultimately, it is also for entertainment, so don’t forget to have fun!

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