A Beginner’s Guide to Over/Under Betting Strategy

A Beginner’s Guide to Over/Under Betting Strategy

There are many different betting styles and strategies that punters could use while betting. However, not all betting styles may be suitable for every punter. As a beginner, you may not be well familiar with the Martingale betting strategy. Also, betting experts do not suggest live betting for beginners. However, you can try over/under betting strategy as a beginner.

Over/under betting is also referred to as Total bets. In this case, you don’t have to take the side of any particular team/player for betting. Your bet should be set at the prediction of whether the score will be higher or lower than the set target. The target is generally set by the bookmaker. If your predicted score is higher/lower than the real score, and the actual score turns out to be so, you can win. 

Now, you may ask as to why this betting strategy is good for beginners. Well, firstly, you do not need to select a specific team here but go for an outright total score. Plus, you do not set a specific target but bet over or under the target. This makes this strategy an easy bet.

Let’s take an example. The threshold value of a particular game is 170. If the entire score of both teams is above 170, the gambler calling over, wins. On the other hand, if the total score falls below 170, the gambler who bet below the score is not going to win. But there are certain parameters on the basis of which you can bet which is based on the sports. For example, cricket sites allow you to bet on the basis of scores or runs. While other sport sites allow you to bet on other parameters. Like fouls and penalties (for soccer), eagle or birdies (for golf), etc. Therefore countable entities are taken for consideration.

Sports On Which This Strategy Works 

There are various sports on which you can gamble. There are- Cricket, Hockey, Golf, Boxing, Football, Rugby, Snooker, NHL, etc. Apart from the gaming strategy, you should take other things into consideration. Weather conditions, pitch (for cricket), player form, are a few of them. So, like many other betting strategies, you should also analyze the game as well. Critically examine all the possible areas of the game before arriving at a decision. You should also select the right kinds of games. There are popular markets where you can play over/under bets. Namely- Over/Under X throw-ins, Over/Under X wickets, Over/Under X corners, etc. 

There can also be a case if the game moves to overtime. However, it is the main score that matters. If the final score turns out to be over/under as per your choice, you shall get the win. Generally, the threshold score is a decimal unit. In the oddest possibility, the gamblers predict the score to be a whole number. But that hardly affects the gamblers to win. 

You have to also look at the odds before opting for a bet. There are two fold functions of odds- a) payout calculation and b) happening of an outcome. There are Decimal Odds, Fractional odds and Moneyline odds. The team knowledge and strategy helps you to win the game of over/under betting. For example there is a domestic cricket match between two teams, you must gather knowledge. The playing style of the team, the minute details of the player, their strong and weak zone should be examined. After that the associate details of the match should also be noted down.


Over/under betting strategy is great for a beginner as it is easy. However, you need to analyze it properly. In all kinds of betting, you must gather enough information before spending lots of money on betting. Know the game, it’s way, pros, and cons, and then jump forward to win the bet. Total bets are in great demand due to it simpler concept and user-friendly software. In fact, not only the professionals but amateurs can also play the game. Therefore, grasp the opportunity and enjoy playing and earning. So, if you are an amateur and want a piece of the betting scene, over/under betting can be a great starting point.

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