A Complete Guide about Trixie Betting

Trixie Betting

The betting world looks intimidating, especially when you want to place more complex bets like Trixie betting. No need to worry. In this guide, you will see everything you need to know about Trixie’s bet. There is no doubt about it that the thrill of sports betting is unmatched.

When you play betting games, the emotions rise and fall with the players on the field. Undeniably, betting on sports has increased in popularity as more and more. For beginners, the concepts of winning and losing are easy to understand. However, there are several types of bets to choose from when placing a world. 

Trixie Bet:

It is a type of multiple methods of betting. In Trixie bet, there are four bets that you can place on three different selections. However, it is the non-single-inclusive version of the patent. It means that Trixie betting needs players to place three double bets and one treble bet. You need to win at least two of three selections to make your bet successful. Fortunately, if you fail to win in one selection when betting Trixie, you will still get a return. If you win all three selections, the return can be sustainable compared to the relatively low stakes. 

Due to the possibility of high returns, you can easily compare it to the Patent and Yankee bet. So, try Trixie Bet if you want to make your betting experience spicier. Remember that it is a type of bet that combine multiple bets into one. Another important thing to remember is that it is a cover bet. It means that it doesn’t provide the amount of coverage of full-cover bets. In addition, you will likely turn a profit if you place this bet.

How does Trixie Bet work?

Any player who wants to move away from conventional betting to understand formulas should start with a Trixie bet. It is the simplest patent bet to understand. Moreover, it carries the lowest exposure. The first and most important thing you need to know before using the Trixie betting method is that you can’t bet on various sports or several outcomes of the same event. 

You must make three selections on which you will place four bets total. However, each selection develops two double bets and one treble bet that serves as a fourth bet. Two of these selections must win in their respective games to make your bet successful. The Trixie bet meaning becomes evident at this point. The profit margin is huge in Trixie’s bet, and stakes also need multiple. In addition to this, you have to multiply your stake by 4. 

Example to Understand Trixie Betting:

Here is a good example to help you understand Trixie Bet properly. Suppose you want to bet £5 on a selection. Your total stake amount will be £5 x 4 = £20. At this point, most players become confused about how many bets are in a Trixie betting. People also want to know why they must multiply their amount by four if they choose three selections. It is best to understand it with an example.

  • You pick three selections, which means A, B, and C.
  • First, Bet A and B
  • Second bet A and C
  • Third Bet Band C
  • Fourth bet A, B, C

Remember that at least two of these bets must win to be profitable. For instance, if bets 1 and 3 are the winning choices, you will get a profitable return. 

Types of Trixie Bet:

To further clarify Trixie Bet, here are the types of it. However, there are two types of Trixie Betting, which are as follows:

Each Way Trixie:

In each way Trixie bet, all four bets are each-way bets that makes a total amount of 8 bets. It means that the stake has to be double that of a win-only Trixie betting, but the chances of turning a profit are much higher. However, if you understand the Trixie bet but still need to learn about the each-way bet, it is better to make sure you also study the each-way bet more closely before placing Trixie Bet.

Win Trixie:

It is the simplest and very popular type of Trixie Bet. All bookmakers accept Win Trixie because they cover several layers and, consequently, plenty of entertainment. Furthermore, they also come in very handy. It is because they provide results when not all of your selections work out due to the design of the bet. Win bets develop to add as many combinations as possible for numerous selections in a bet. Remember, the more selections you pick, the more possible combinations and outcomes. In this betting type, you need at least two selections to win to make your winning double.


Trixie bet is the famous bet that allows you to place a treble accumulator. It also further breaks down the bet into three separate and unique doubles. Trixie Betting is more appealing because you need two winning selections to get a return. It is great if all three win because in this way you can develop a healthy profit.

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