All You Need To Know About Fantasy Cricket

All You Need To Know About Fantasy Cricket

A perfect combination of real life cricket and simulations, fantasy cricket is topping the lists of cricket-based fun for fans globally. One of the most famous bat and ball games, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion fans across Asia, Australia and the UK. The most common formats of cricket matches are Test Matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20, based on the number of innings.  

The concept of fantasy sports involves simulations of real-life sports players competing in a simulated match. Fantasy football was the first fantasy sport to gain popularity, and nowadays, millions of players play fantasy football every season. For sports fans, fantasy sports are an excellent way to enjoy the thrill of a sport and even place bets; at a time when there are no scheduled matches. Sporting events are dependent on multiple factors; including weather and schedules, but fantasy sports remove all those restrictions and are always available. 

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Similar to other fantasy sports, in fantasy cricket, you select your team of 11 players from the total pool of players, and the game begins against another team. All types of cricket match formats are available, including domestic and international, daily and scheduled. The expected performance of the players is mirrored to their real life capabilities to offer an authentic match. Depending on the provider of the fantasy cricket match, there may be stipulations on what type of players you can choose, for example, how many bowlers, batsmen, wicket-keepers and all rounders. Other sites may give you complete freedom in the team combination. 

Once you have selected your team and match option, the game takes place where you win points on the basis of the performance of your team in the match. Points are awarded for runs, run-rate, catches, wickets, stumps, ducks, and overall scores. Although there are numerous sites that have free fantasy cricket options, you can also try betting with real money. There are several betting choices available, ranging from the total score to a number of runs per inning or individual.

Types of Fantasy Cricket Contests

Apart from choosing the format of the fantasy cricket match, whether you want to choose a team to play an ODI, T20, T10, or test match; you can also choose which type of fantasy cricket contest you want to participate in. Popular options include Head-to-Head, Winner Takes All, Medium Contests, and Grand Leagues or Mega Contests.


The simplest form of a fantasy cricket contest and a great option for beginners is Head-to-Head; where there are two teams each, playing a single match with one team emerging as the winner. In cases of real money bets, all the winnings go to the person behind the winning team. A Head-to-Head contest offers great odds for betting, as there is a 50% chance of winning.

Winner Takes All

In Winner Takes All, there are anywhere between 3 to 6 teams, and multiple matches take place. All participants pay entry fees for their teams; which then goes to the single person who emerges as a winner at the end. The odds range between 20% to 33%, but the rewards are generally higher.

Medium Contests 

If you are ready for a greater (and longer) challenge, then you can try out medium contests, which can have anywhere from 30 to 300 teams participating. When the number of matches increases, the matches are spread out over several days. Even though the odds of winning are lower, the value of the top prize is high. 

Grand Leagues or Mega Contests

Grand leagues or mega contests typically have massive numbers of teams participating, going up to even lakhs of teams. The grand prize is accordingly tremendous as well, but the chances of winning are the lowest. If you want to win in the grand leagues, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the cricketers that are in the selection pool; so that you can make a strong team. Submitting more than 1 team is also a way to increase your odds of winning in the grand leagues.

Fantasy cricket is the new way to enjoy an old game, and all the power is in your hands, from choosing the players on your team, to which match you want to participate in and if you want to bet money. If you are knowledgeable about cricket; fantasy cricket is an amazing way to test and expand your expertise, while providing you with fun at a time when traditional matches are not available.

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