All you need to know about Pink Ball Test cricket

pink ball Test cricket

Recently India became the last cricketing nation to participate in the pink ball test era against Bangladesh at Eden Garden, Kolkata – India won by an innings and 46 runs.

Pink ball test match is a day and night test match played under floodlights. The ball used in the match is Pink ball instead of a red ball to enable visibility under the lights.

The first First Class with the pink ball was played between Trinidad and Tobago Vs Guyana at North Sound on 15-28 January 2010 and the match ended in a draw. On 30 October 2012, the International Cricket Council cleared test match to be played under lights. The First-Ever Day-Night test was played between Australia and New Zealand at Adelaide Oval on 27 November to 01 December 2015 with Australia winning in a thriller by 3 wickets.

Types of Cricket balls in the World:

  • Kookaburra Balls
  • Duke Balls
  • Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) Balls

Kookaburra Balls:

It was established in 1890 and has been manufactured by Kookaburra for the last 128 years. The Kookaburra balls considered as the number 1 worldwide.

In 1946/47 Ashes Test Series Kookaburra balls were first used by Australian Cricket. The balls are made of the finest raw materials with modern technological precision. Kookaburra balls are weighed about 156 grams with a 4-piece and manufactured in a ‘state of the art’ factory in Melbourne, Australia.

The Ball is used in the majority of Test Matches, all T20 International matches and all One Day Internationals throughout the world.

Duke Balls:

In the year 1760, the Duke Ball was introduced and the production began in Tonbridge. The balls are manufactured in the UK. Duke balls are darker in color as compared to Kookaburra. The bowlers get benefit from this ball, especially in England conditions.

Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) Balls:

It was established in 1931 at Sialkot (now in Pakistan) by brothers Kedarnath and Dwarkanath Anand. After Independence, the SG manufacture sports item initially moved to Meerut, India. BCCI approved the SG balls for all cricket matches played in India.

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How is the pink ball unique from the red ball?

The pink ball has superior visibility under the floodlights than the red balls. While it is comprised of a similar material as the red ball as it could influence visibility. It has a dark external crease for a better grip.

Are pink balls made differently from red or white ones?

Not so much. Red, white, pink — all cricket balls are made of cork, rubber and woolen yarn, utilizing modern technological precision. The shade of the color on the tanned cowhide, and the distinction in ‘completing’ choose in which design a ball is utilized.

The regular red Test cricket ball is plunged in oil so water doesn’t saturate the cowhide. Be that as it may, this is impossible with the Day/Night Test pink ball since oil would dull the fluorescent pink, influencing the visibility of the ball under lights.

The D/N ball likewise gets a shaded finish and is showered with a thick layer of pink shading so it shines for long, making it simple for defenders, batsmen, fans in the stands, and those watching the game on TV to spot.

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What amount does the pink ball cost in India?

Made in Meerut India, Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) pink ball conveys a sticker price of Rs 2700 apiece.

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