Betting traps in sports betting – how to identify and avoid them?

Betting traps in sports betting - how to identify and avoid them?

Sports betting as a form of gambling is pretty safe. The websites often come with big welcome bonuses and even some veteran deals. And although you do not really have control over how the match will turn out, if you do some research and bet smart you can come out the winner most of the time. There is one tip that all players should abide by. That is of course to always look for better welcome bonuses. This comes in handy in many ways as in sports betting the margin between profit and loss is pretty slim. However, there are times that a deal might seem too good to be true. Almost impossibly good in fact. These are the situations you need to be careful of. Because more often than not, the bookie is trying to lure you into a trap. 

The offers can seem too appealing in these cases and ignoring them might seem like going against every sportsbook ever. But if you do not want to lose a considerable amount of your bankroll, you need to do just that. This is why here, we are going to discuss how to identify these sports betting traps. Which, in turn, will make you able to avoid them at all costs. Please go through the whole article to learn more.

What are betting traps?

Betting traps can be of all sorts. Mostly they include overconfident teams. As in a team that has won 2-3 games in a row competing against one who has lost the past couple. The team on a winning roll will definitely not be concerned about the one on a losing track. In this scenario, your bookie might suggest you bet on the one winning with offers of making a big catch yourself. Now, what happens here is that the winning team being overconfident becomes careless while playing the underdogs. And the underdogs with a determination of winning often overpower them. You need to look for these situations and avoid them at all costs. 

Tips to avoid betting traps

There are obviously a few ways you can use to avoid these. However, they do need you to actually invest some time in researching. Below are a few ways in which you can avoid these traps.

Check the schedule

One thing you can do is to check the winning team’s schedule. Whether they have been playing good teams so far or what kind of teams they are going to play after this. As we said before when a winning team matches up with a bad one, they likely will become careless. They will be expecting a win and so they will not put in the effort to play a hard game with a bad team. These are the situations you need to look for. This can very well be a betting trap with what seems like a sure-shot win for the better team. But, this is where you need to bet on the underdog that is desperate for a win. This is a smart way to bet that will turn out to be profitable in the long run.

Check how their last win turned out

Good teams often match up with greater ones as well. During these, they need to fight tooth and nail for every single point. And even fail to do so sometimes. So, after winning in this situation, it might seem like they will be in their top game in the next match with a bad team. However, as they already had to fight a great team in the previous match, chances are that the players are extremely tired. So after pushing them to their limits, they will definitely not do so against a bad team. This might give the underdogs a great opportunity to snatch up the points. Which in turn, can lead to them winning the game. Recognize these patterns and skip them at all costs.

Check the players’ status

Make sure to check if any player is injured or anything. This can go a long way to affect their and in turn the whole team’s game. So, as a result, a simple win can turn out to be a major loss in this situation. This is why it is important to do your research and then bet on any team to avoid falling into traps.


There are some other measures you can take as well. Such as checking the history of the teams playing against each other. Check what the track record says and how it might play out in that day’s match. So keep these things in mind, bet safe, bet smart and enjoy your favorite game all while doing that.

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