Bowlers who took the Highest Wickets in one season of IPL

Top IPL bowlers: Highest wickets in One Season of IPL

The Indian Premier League has been the place for the best-performing cricket players ever since its inception in 2008. There is no denying that the IPL has produced great and top-notch bowlers in the cricket sport. Unfortunately, not all bowlers have great performances in IPL but those who do shine brighter than diamonds.

Bowlers who took the Highest Wickets

In connection to bowlers, we aim to give you a list of those who have the highest wickets in one season of IPL. If you are into this topic, stay reading as we explore and give names of the highest wicket-taker of IPL.

Harshal Patel (32 wickets)

He is on our top list with the most wickets in one season of IPL. Patel took 32 wickets during the 2021 period of IPL. Following his great performance, he was named a Purple Cup winner, getting the nickname, Purple Patel in IPL. During the IPL 2021 season, his former team RCB made it to the playoffs due to his great efforts and performances but failed to enter the finals. This cricketer is a recognized blower in the cricket tournament, such as IPL. Therefore, this player truly has the highest wicket in one season of IPL history.

Dwayne Bravo (32 wickets)

Dwayne Bravo also has the same records as Harshal Patel, with existing 32 wickets. He is not a typical bowler, he did win two purple cap titles and holds the record for most wickets in one season of IPL. His overall success was because of these undeniably good performances during the IPL 2013 season. It is no longer surprising why he is on our list. With his bowling records, he is one of the best cricket bowlers in the IPL today.

This cricketer also shone in IPL 2015, where he got 25 wickets in playing 17 matches. His playing performance is one the best in IPL records, from his 2013 success, and now to his 2015 achievements.

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Kagiso Rabada (30 Wickets)

This bowler comes from South Africa and is in third place with the most wickets. He has taken 30 wickets by playing 17 matches in one season during the IPL 2020. With such exceptional cricket performances, he helped the Delhi Capitals to qualify for the finals. But, unfortunately, it did fail to beat the Mumbai Indians. During such outstanding playing, this bowler gained the purple cap title in the 2020 IPL season, after all the great things he contributed to his former team Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020. 

Lasith Malinga (28 Wickets)

This cricketer is a player that should be on our list, ranking fourth place for having 28 wickets in just 16 matches at the 2021 IPL edition. His performance is remarkable and recognized as one of the best fast bowlers today, not only in the IPL tournament in India but also in the entire globe. Indeed, he is one of the top performers as a bowler in cricket. There is no denying how great a cricket bowler he is and why he is also the player with the highest wicket in one season of IPL.

James Faulkner (28 wickets)

James Faulkner is in fifth place and comes from Australia. He got 28 wickets in 16 matches during the 2013 season of IPL when he played for Rajasthan Royals. This Australian bowler displayed outstanding bowling performances despite failing to get the purple cap title during the IPL 2013 tournament. But still, he is worth mentioning as a cricket player on this list. It is regardless of not winning the purple cap for the leading wicket-taker in the said 2013 IPL tournament.

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Mohammad Shami (28 wickets)

Shami at IPL 2023 was the top wicket taker as he grabbed 28 wickets. His excellent cricket performances have paved the way for his team – Gujarat Titans to make it into the IPL 2023 finals. However, despite the great playing, his team did not win and failed to win the IPL championship against the Chennai Super Kings. Still, this cricketer can score and play well and is considered the player with the highest wicket in one season of IPL.

Jasprit Bumrah (27 wickets)

This bowler is prominent due to his bowling skills and ability to provide excellent playing in cricket sport. Jasprit Bumrah took 27 wickets in 15 matches, putting him in seventh place in our list of the players with the highest wicket-taker in one season of IPL. All his bowling successes were achieved, and all happened during the entire IPL 2020 season. Truly, he is one of the reasons why Mumbai Indians are the second team to protect the IPL title.

Yuzvendra Chahal (27 wickets)

Chahal is one of the great bowlers who helped Rajasthan Royals to reach the finals of the IPL 202 season. Indeed, his bowling skills and entire cricket performances are worth mentioning here. Yuzvendra Chahal got 27 wickets in 17 matches, and that record is amazing. Thus, even in our eighth place in our list, this bowler must be highly recognized as well in the world of IPL.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar (26 wickets)

This cricketer is known for his swing bowling and is one of the best on the cricket platform. Despite being in ninth place among our players with the highest wicket in one season of IPL, this cricketer is also worth mentioning. Kumar bragged 26 wickets in 14 matches, and that record is already astounding. This cricket is one of the best bowlers to play in the IPL 2017, and his performances are worth witnessing as he may shine in his records again in the coming IPL seasons.


With our list of bowlers who had the highest wicket in one season of IPL, hopefully, you read this run-down. It is truly remarkable to witness that at every IPL tournament reasons, there are cricket players who make outstanding and brilliant playing performances, not only in the bowling aspect but in all other categories. The IPL seasons undeniably produces great cricketer. This list of 9 cricket players with the highest wicket score in cricket signifies how great talent can be achieved. We hope that by reading their simple description and background you get to know these players at a deeper level.

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