Bowling Excellence: A Complete List of IPL Purple Cap Winners

ipl purple cap winners list

The IPL purple cap title is a special award that bowlers strive for in the field of cricket. In every season of IPL, there are purple cap winners who get said recognition upon scoring the most wickets in the tournament. This award recognizes the best bowler who made a significant playing performance during the IPL season. In honor to their incredible bowling skills and playing talents, we are naming the IPL Purple Cap winners list starting from 2008 up until 2004. 

IPL Purple Cap Winners List

Below are the best bowlers in IPL history. 

Sohail Tanvir – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2008

The year 2008 is the inception of IPL tournaments. It was also the beginning for IPL purple cap winners. The first one on our list who got this prestigious title is the only one, Sohail Tanvir. He is the leading bowler under the Rajasthan Royals, where he got an impressive 22 tickets in just 11 games. With such a record, he became the IPL Purple Cap winner in 2008.

RP Singh – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2009

2009 is the best year for the team of RP Singh, which is the Deccan Chargers. They were able to defeat their rival team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and take home the IPL 2009 title. In such a great match and success of Deccan Chargers, comes the award for RP Singh. He only grabbed the IPL purple cap title upon getting the highest wickets of 23 in 16 games. His playing impacted his team to get the prestigious IPL title.

Pragyan Ojha – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2010

This cricketer has made a name for himself by achieving the purple cap title in IPL 2010. Ojha has a special place in his team, Deccan Chargers due to his impressive bowling abilities. This talent only snatched the most wickets of 21 in only 16 games, proving his best bowling moments at that time. So far, he is third in our IPL purple cap winners list.

Lasith Malinga – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2011

Malinga is making great accomplishments for himself as being one of the greatest bowlers in IPL. He did that by picking the highest wickets of 28 in just 16 games in IPL 2011. This pace has made him the IPL Purple Cap winner in 2011 for his great skills in bowling. In such great talent, he reached the fourth place in our IPL purple cap winners list.

Morne Morkel – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2012

Morkel is the leading bowler from Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2012. He displayed bowling prowess in playing cricket which made him our sixth holder title of the IPL purple cap. Getting the most wickets of 25 in 16 games in IPL 2012 has placed him to win such an award. With his playing competencies and standout performances, he holds an important place for his team. 

Dwayne Bravo – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2013

Bravo is one of the best talents for his team, Chennai Super Kings. This all-rounder player brought success and accomplishments to this team. With his exceptional bowling abilities, it is no longer a surprise that he won the IPL 2013 purple cap. He grasped the most wickets 32 in 18 games, making him the initial bowler to reach 30 wickets in the IPL season. 

Mohit Sharma – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2014

Sharma is another team member of the Chennai Super Kings who won the IPL Purple Cap Award. This bowler has delivered a standout playing execution that made contributions to his team’s performances. He only made a total of 32 wickets in 16 games at IPL 2014, snatching the most wickets. This impressive record has placed him in our IPL purple cap winners list.

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Dwayne Bravo- IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2015

Dwayne Bravo has made an incredible mark again in playing at IPL, but this time in the 2015 season. This player from Chennai Super Kings has executed great bowling performances, grabbing the most wickets of 26 in 17 games in the 2015 season of IPL. Not only that, but he also achieved a milestone for being a purple cap winner who initiated winning two titles.  

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2016

Kumar is one of the greatest bowlers that IPL tournament has witnessed. In IPL 2016, he proved that he is the best at bowling, where he took 23 wickets in 17 games. This remarkable performance made him the purple cap winner in IPL 2016, and the same year, his team, Sunrisers Hyderabad grabbed the IPL title. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – IPL Purple Cap Holder in 2017

Kumar made history for himself in the world of IPL. He just won another IPL purple cap after winning the title in the previous season of IPL in 2016. This time he got 26 wickets in 14 games, the highest wickets in the IPL 2017. With continued success in getting the most wickets, he was proclaimed the IPL Purple Cap winner in 2017.

Andrew Tye – Purple Cap Holder in 2018

Tye is a player from Punjab Kings and is known for being a great bowler. With his bowling competencies in playing cricket at IPL 2018, he was crowned that year as the IPL purple cap title. This Australian bowler was a standout player as he got the most wickets 24 in just 14 games. This incredible bowling record puts him on our IPL Purple Cap winners list.

Imran Tahir – Purple Cap Holder in 2019

Chennai Super Kings has produced another IPL purple cap title holder. This time, he is Imran Tahir, a South African spinner in the IPL. This player is one of the talented members of Chennai Super Kings. It was proven when he grabbed 26 wickets in 17 games, making him our IPL 2019 purple cap winner. His immense talent has contributed to bringing his team to the finals.

Kagiso Rabada – Purple Cap Holder in 2020 

Rabada has made significant impacts for Delhi Capitals to reach the finals in IPL 2020. Unfortunately, lost to secure the title in the finals. But, with his bowling proficiency and overall playing abilities, he picks 30 wickets in 17 games in one season of IPL. With his 30 wickets achievement, he was the second bowler to reach that. Such a feat has paved the way for him to become the IPL Purple Cap winner in 2020. 

Harshal Patel – Purple Cap Holder in 2021

Patel alongside Dwayne Bravo has grabbed the record with the highest wickets in one IPL season. He astonishingly achieved 32 wickets in just 15 games in the IPL 2021 season under his team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. With such accomplishments, he won the title of IPL Purple Cap in 2021.

Yuzvendra Chahal – Purple Cap Holder in 2022

Chahal is another player from Rajasthan Royals who achieved the Purple Cap title in IPL 2022. His best performances so far came in 2022, when he became the highest wicket-taker in the history of IPL. All thanks to his remarkable wickets score of 27 in 17 matches, which led to his winning as the IPL purple cap winner in 2022.  

Mohammad Shami – Purple Cap Holder in 2023

Shami is our recent winner of the purple cap title in IPL 2023. He played for the Gujarat Titans and achieved the highest wickets score of 28 in 17 games. His playing performances have had an impact on his team to enter the finals in IPL 2023. With such contributions and achievements, he becomes part of the IPL Purple Cap winners list. 


Purple cap title holders are worth mentioning and recognizing in the world of cricket. They all make significant contributions to their teams’ success and advancement in each match in the IPL. All the purple cap winners that we mentioned above have immense talents and playing competencies that have pushed them to the top of the IPL bowling rankings each season. Without them, the world of cricket would be incomplete. Therefore, let us all remember their playing legacy by reading this post.

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