Breaking Boundaries: Which IPL team has scored the most 200 scores?

Discover which team has scored most 200 runs in ipl?

The Indian Premier League has become a cricket sports spectacle competition due to the adrenalin-pumping action and inspiring playing performances among cricketers. One of the most captivating aspects of the IPL tournament is witnessing each cricket team get scores on the scoreboard. This makes the IPL a platform for multiple record-breaking team scores, leaving cricket fans amazed by these incredible feats. Therefore, these teams who have achieved unparalleled scores in IPL have left an incredible record on the tournament’s legacy. Speaking of team achievements, we will explore which team has scored most 200 in IPL. Thus, giving you complete insights about it, while unraveling the stories behind their record-breaking team scores in the world of IPL.

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Which team has scored most 200 in ipl?

Kolkata Riders – 245/6 vs. Kings XI Punjab (2018)

The Kolkata Riders have established themselves in IPL 2018 as a team that is hard to bring down. In that season, they unleashed their batting prowess in a thumping encounter against Kings XI Punjab. Thus, the Kolkata Riders achieved an unparalleled team score of 245/6 over its rival team. The persistent assault of Kolkata Riders on bowlers of Kings XI Punjab ensured a memorable victory for this team at the end. All thanks to the major contributions of Sunil Narine, Dinesh Karthik, and Andre Russel. The team propelled Kolkata Riders to their highest team score in the IPL tournament.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – 263/5 vs. Pune Warriors India (2013)

In IPL 2013, the cricket world witnessed the undisputed cricketer and batsman, Chris Gayle. This player produced a breathtaking century, tearing down the opposition bowling attack with his brutal stroke playing on the cricket field. Gayle has the highest individual score in IPL with 175 runs from 66 balls against the Pune Warriors India in IPL 2013. This leads the Royal Challengers Bangalore in awe by getting a team score of 263/5 over its rival team, Pune Warriors India. 

Therefore, the Royal Challengers Bangalore team’s score in IPL has become the benchmark for batting excellence in cricket sport. In the end, Royal Challengers Bangalore unleashed an epic cricket performance and amassed a great team total score in IPL records.

Lucknow Super Giants – 257/5 vs. Punjab Kings (2023)

In IPL 2023, Lucknow Super Giants almost beat the groundbreaking record of Royal Challengers Bangalore in an IPL team with the highest score earned. However, this does not come true as Lucknow Super Giants only acquired a total team score of 257/5 against its opponent, Punjab Kings. This nearly surpassing record of Lucknow Super Giants has made them the second team with the highest score acquired in IPL history, not until the 2024 IPL tournament.

Still, Lucknow Super Giants is on our list of which team has scored most 200 in IPL. Leaving a mark in the IPL that defeated the Punjab Kings by 56 runs after they managed to get 257 runs in 20 overs. With this team score they have, is no longer surprising why they beat the Punjab Kings. Therefore, in the unparalleled runs they achieved, Lucknow Super Giants made a great match, leaving the IPL 2023 tournament a memorable one.

Chennai Super Kings – 246/5 vs. Rajasthan Royals (2010)

The IPL team, Chennai Super Kings is not only about winning IPL titles, but they are also achievers in getting a higher team score. In the IPL 2010 season, Chennai Super Kings made a breathtaking score for a team, getting 246/5 against its rival team, Rajasthan Royals. This team score has been one of the IPL’s highest scores all season. This match has been among the highest-scoring clashes that an IPL tournament has ever produced. 

Both teams are into the game, making scores until one has been crowned the best-scoring team, which leaves the Rajasthan Royals with only 223 runs. While Chennai Super Kings and their MVP, Murali Vijay achieved 127 runs, amassed the Chennai Super Kings team’s overall score. This scoring has paved the way for Chennai Super Kings’ success.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – 248/3 vs. Gujarat Lions (2016)

IPL 2016 would be the best season for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL tournament. While its captain, Virat Kohli got 973 runs in 16 innings and has the most runs scored in one IPL edition. This time the duo between Kohli and Villiers in Royal Challengers Bangalore delivered exceptional playing, leading to a record of 229 runs that defeated Gujarat Lions bowling department. 

In the end, Royal Challengers Bangalore knocked their way to 248/3 in 20 overs. This groundbreaking team score has been steeped with challenges to overcome such IPL records. Nevertheless, Gujarat Lions ended up losing against the unparallel Royal Challengers Bangalore, whose team has scored most 200 in IPL.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad – 277/3 vs. Mumbai Indians (2024)

The batsmen department of Sunrisers Hyderabad just broke the highest team score that was acquired in IPL history. This time, the team of Sunrisers Hyderabad has achieved a total team score of 277/3 against its rival team, Mumbai Indians. This record is now the highest score ever recorded for a team in the IPL. All thanks to Travis Head, Heinrich Klaasen, Abhishek Sharma, and Aiden Markram, the IPL tournament has a new record to defeat. 

This time it is the IPL highest run chase. Now we know which team has scored most 200 in IPL and that is the Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2024. Their team records would be the IPL’s highest score all season and that is a feat that is difficult to beat.

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Which IPL team is the most successful?

Two teams are most successful in terms of earning the IPL titles, they are the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians who both won 5 titles in the IPL history.

Which IPL 2023 team had the highest score?

The Lucknow Super Giants achieved the highest team score in the 2023 IPL season, where this team got a 257/5 vs. Punjab Kings.

What is the highest IPL score for Chennai Super Kings (CSK)?

Chennai Super Kings team recorded their highest total of 246/5 against its rival team, Rajasthan Royals way back in IPL 2010.

Which team gets the highest score in the IPL 2024?

The team of Sunrisers Hyderabad so far has the highest score in IPL. This team acquired a 277/3 against Mumbai Indians in their recent clash in IPL 2024.

Which Team has Scored Most 200 in IPL.

There are several names of IPL teams to mention, but we are going to give 5 teams. They are the Kolkata Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Lucknow Super Giants.


The IPL has been the platform for breathtaking cricket moments, with each team constantly pushing their skill. Therefore, the IPL tournament has witnessed nail biting cricket matches. Fans can expect more record-breaking playing and performance from its players up to every team that is participating. Thus, giving us remarkable and memorable clashes in the world of cricket sport.

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