Can People Bet on a Game Like Snooker?


Snooker was born as a game in the British Officers’ Clubs of India, and since then it has come a long way. It currently stands as a professional touring sport with more than 40 major events a season. The sport has eventually become a global phenomenon, with a new generation of players emerging from Asian countries, like China and India. The new breed of players is posing a challenge to the old order of snooker professionals from Scotland, Wales, and England. With so many big-money tournaments in place, snooker enjoys a lucrative stand in the sports betting market. 

Major global snooker tournaments

Nowadays, snooker games have become mainstream with players playing tour events all around the year. To bet on snooker matches, betting enthusiasts need to learn about the different high-profile snooker tournaments globally. Some of the most prestigious  snooker tournaments are:

The World Championship

With a global viewership of over 300 million, the World Snooker Championship is the highest honour for any player. First held in 1927, the tournament was hosted in several venues before permanently shifting to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in 1977. Legends such as Steve Davis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ray Reardon, Stephen Hendry, and Mark Selby have shown their mettle. With 7 titles, Stephen Hendry holds the most World Championship titles in the modern era. 

The Masters 

An invitational tour event featuring the 16 top-ranked players only, the Masters’ Championship is the 2nd longest-running snooker tournament. Since 2012, the contest has been taking place in Alexandra Palace in London. Seven times champion Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most Masters wins. 

The UK Championship

The UK Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious snooker tour events. The tournament commenced in 1977, around the time when snooker got into mainstream slowly as a game. It has witnessed some of the most memorable moments of rivalry in the history of snooker. 

The English Open

A part of Barry Hearn’s snooker revolution, this relatively new snooker tour event began in 2016. The trophy was named after Steve Davis, with the inaugural tournament won by Liang Wenbo of China as his first ranking tournament victory. Along with Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Welsh Open, the English Open forms the Home Nations tournament series. Any player winning all four tournaments in a single season gets a bonus prize of £1 million. 

Different types of bets in snooker

There are multiple betting options available for betting enthusiasts willing to put their money on snooker. The most common types of snooker bets available are:

Outright Betting

You bet on the winner of the entire tournament, with the odds available before and throughout the contest. However, the odds for each player decrease as the championship progresses. Betting sites keep revising the odds with the elimination of rivals as the players get closer to the final.

Frame Betting

The number of frames a player plays in a game varies with different tournaments. This is where frame betting comes into play, with bettors putting wages on predicting the frame score of every match. 

Match Betting

Most snooker matches are televised nowadays, with betting sites also live streaming for bettors. You can bet on each player to win their respective games each round. If you prefer to bet on multiple players simultaneously, combine the wagers with any other number of selections to create an accumulator. 

Handicap Betting

Some snooker matches tend to be one-sided and hence boring for betting enthusiasts. To increase the excitement of the game, the losing player may receive a handicap allowance which is a headstart in frames. Let’s say that Player A is the favourite to beat Player B in a snooker game. Then Player B will receive a handicap start of +1.5 frames. Now, Player A needs to defeat Player B by at least +1.5 frames to be the winner. This form of betting is becoming increasingly popular in snooker, with bettors wagering on the underdog in the handicap to win more. 

Highest Break Betting

You can bet on which player will make the highest break during a tour event and how big that break will be. It can be a fun way to enhance viewing pleasure, but you can also win big if you predict it the right way. 


Snooker remains one of the most exciting and underrated sports to wager your money. As competition is relatively low compared to other sports like soccer and basketball, you enjoy better winning odds. However, gamble at your own discretion and seek professional help if required.

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