Can Virtual Sports Betting Get You Profits?

Can Virtual Sports Betting Get You Profits?

Virtual sports betting is the new talk of the town in the world of the sports betting industry. Various sports like football, tennis, horse racing are conducted virtually using computer software and bettors can participate and place their bets just like they do in the case of real sports betting.

Now the biggest question is, can it bring you any profit by the end of the day? To answer the question, we need to look into various aspects of virtual sports betting. 

What are virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports is like a video game, where players or teams are computerized, and the outcome is generated by an advanced Random number generator algorithm, just like slot games. You need to place your bet on teams or players.   

How do virtual sports betting work?

Virtual sports betting works on a Random number generator algorithm. These games try to mimic real sports and also rules are mostly similar too. It’s important to remember when betting on a real team or a player you can apply your sports knowledge and analyze previous results and players to make your choice. However, for virtual sports, outcomes are random. Hence if you are more into slot games or roulette, then you may try virtual sports betting and ride your luck and on your lucky day you may end up with a good profit. 

Are virtual sports betting rigged?

It’s normal to feel cheated after you lost a bet in virtual sport. However, that conclusion would be injudicious. Virtual sports outcome is entirely random. Before you place your bet on virtual sport, do your research. When you are playing with an authentic and registered licensed company, you may or may not make a profit, however, you won’t be cheated and on another day you may end up with some good reward as well.  

Pros and cons of virtual sports betting

Here are some pros of virtual sports betting. The cons would tell you why it may not be the best area to bet for long-term profits:


  • Virtual games are available throughout the year, unlike real games. You can bet on virtual sports anytime you want
  • Virtual games are usually short, not lengthy like real games. For example, if you are betting on football, you don’t need to wait 90 minutes to know the outcome, virtual football games end in just a few minutes. 
  • You don’t need analytical in-depth knowledge of that particular sport you are going to bet. Since results are random, anyone can win.
  • In real life games, a lot of external factors play major roles like a player’s injury or weather conditions. These external factors are not there in virtual sport.


  • The biggest drawback of virtual sports betting is, it’s random. There is no way to analyze and predict the outcome. Your analytical ability or knowledge in that sport does not play any role in winning. 
  • There can be minimal or almost no long-term profits in virtual sports betting. The bettor faces fixed odds against the computer which makes it difficult for long-term profits.
  • The house has the advantage in this game. Since there is no prior analytics, this game is more like a casino where luck plays a major role. Hence, the house has an edge over it.

Tips to bet in virtual sports betting

Below are a few tips that could guide when you bet in virtual sports and also give you a little profit.

Choose wisely: In sports like football and tennis, the number of competitors is always the same however in racing sports, the number of competitors varies. As the outcome is random, a piece of wise advice would be to go for a sport with minimal betting options to increase your winning probabilities. 

Bet small: In any game that uses RNG the better chances of winning comes with the greater number of games you are playing. When you are playing more games, trying different odds you have a better shot at a win.   

Avoid chasing losses: Someday you win, someday you don’t. However, chasing to cover the loss only can make the situation worse. In a virtual sports game, you cannot ensure a win no matter how much you try. So, know when to stop.

Understand the game: A virtual sport is not the same as a real sport. There is no player who you can blindly put your bet on like you can do in a real sport, a competitor in virtual sport doesn’t get tired, or get emotionally motivated, or devastated based on the situation. This basically neutralizes all the plans and logic you could apply when you are betting in a real sport. 


Virtual sports betting is fun. You don’t have to be highly skilled or knowledgeable to do well here. However, in virtual sports betting, you cannot win consistently. Hence, if making a profit is your reason for betting then virtual betting is not the right platform. Nevertheless, you can marginalize your loss and make some profit if you keep the mentioned tips in mind.

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