Cricket Betting 101: How to Bet on IPL Matches for Beginners

Are you trying to bet on ipl matches? | Get Ready for IPL 2024!

Betting on cricket is a popular activity among Indians, and there is no denying that. Cricket is one beloved sport India has embraced and accepted as part of their lives. Betting on this sport has been a typical pastime for them, and many are enjoying this kind of activity. However, despite its fame in India, not all Indians have online access to cricket betting, and some people are just starting to learn its intricacies. If you are one of those beginners in cricket betting, we are here to guide you entirely, specifically on how to bet on IPL matches. Therefore, let us all begin to know all the details you need to know about IPL betting on JeetWin, so keep reading this post.

Picking an IPL Betting Site – How to Choose A Great Platform?

Before we dive into how to bet on cricket, we must choose an online reputable betting platform. This section will explain some of the best features you should consider before betting on any site for IPL matches. Here are the top five areas you need to check on.

Have a Valid License:

A licensed betting site only proves that it is operating legally and regulated by reputable gambling authorities. Having a license is a sign that your online betting platform is trustworthy and legitimate. If you see the license comes from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority UK Gambling Commission, or Malta Gaming Authority. Then, the betting site is truly genuine.

Possess a High Reputation:

When choosing a betting site, it should also consider checking online user reviews and feedback about the platform. Reading honest information about a betting site’s delivery of service, and overall performance will let you know its profile online. Make sure to check its reputation by other user experience with the betting site.

Wide Range of Betting Options:

Since we are heading to bet on IPL matches, we must be aware of the betting options in which we can place a bet. Having diverse betting options will not limit you to a few wagers, but instead give you more choices. So, make sure your betting site does offer this criterion.’

Trusted Payment Methods:

A dependable betting site should have different options under their payment methods. It should not be limited to a few choices. Instead, the betting platform should have more to choose from. It only proves how flexible the betting site is. Make sure that the payment method you choose from is safe, secure, and easy to use when accessing to make a payment.

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Betting Markets on IPL Matches

There are different betting options available in the IPL Matches. In this section, we aim to give you the common ones that are usually placed as bets for most IPL bettors out there. Therefore, let us now start knowing these wagers so you can choose what bet you would make for the upcoming IPL 2024 matches. Here are the following bets that you should know.

Match Result: 

This is one of the simple bets that you can place. All you need to do is predict who will eventually win the match in IPL.

Man of The Match: 

This is a common wager in IPL, where you would guess which player will get the award as the man of the match.

Outright Winner: 

This bet is a famous one among IPL bettors. It is placed before the tournament begins, and this time you guess which team will win the IPL tournament.

Top Batsman: 

Unlike the match result, this type of wager predicts the player who will score the most runs throughout the match or tournament.

Top Bowler: 

This wager resembles the top batsman bet. But, in this IPL bet, you will guess which player will take the most wickets.

Toss Winner: 

This wager is not a typical IPL bet that you can encounter. It involves betting on which team will win the coin toss at the beginning of the IPL match.

Innings Runs:

 In this IPL bet, you guess the total amount of runs that will be scored in an innings.

Live Betting: 

This is a kind of betting in IPL that happens when the match is in progress.

How To Bet on IPL Matches on JeetWin? Things to Follow To Make A Bet

There are important steps that we are sharing here. Be sure your eyes are on this part as we teach you how to access IPL betting on JeetWin. This guide is an overview of how to make an IPL bet. Therefore, let us now start with the step-by-step process.

1. Login to JeetWin:

To place a sports bet, you must have login account details from JeetWin. Once you have it, just log in, and we can proceed to the next step.

2. Go to the Sportsbook Tab of JeetWin:

Once logged in to JeetWin, find the Sportsbook Section where IPL is located. Simply enter it and choose the sports software you want to join. Select the one that offers cricket sport.

3. Select the IPL Match:

Every sport has a list of matches on JeetWin. Make sure you select the specific match you want to place a bet in the IPL tournament.

4. Choose Your Betting Market:

JeetWin offers a wide range of betting options for every match on each sport they have. The IPL matches may include betting markets like Outright Winner, Match Result, and many more options. Keep in mind to bet on a market that supports your predictions completely.

5. Input your Stake Amount:

Once you have picked which IPL match and bet to pursue, it is time to enter the amount of wager you want to make. JeetWin will reveal your possible winnings based on the odds you choose using the betting platform.

6. Place Your IPL Bet:

Review your bet details, including the chosen match, bet, and odds. If you want to continue your betting selections and have double-checked the information, click the button that confirms your bet.

Tips For Successful Betting on IPL Matches

We know you are now prepared to enter the IPL tournament season. However, before you join the betting limelight, we will list some tips to help you on your journey to betting on IPL Matches. Here are some of them that are a must to uncover, willing to guide you for a better and more successful IPL betting this coming March 22.

Do In-Depth Research:

Before you place a bet on IPL matches, it is in your best interest that you gather more information about the teams, player performances, recent performances, and venue. This approach will help you form a better-educated betting decision, helping you to place a winning IPL bet.

Check The Best Odds:

We must consider the odds of a betting platform for the IPL matches. This step will guide you if the betting site has offered the best odds among others. Choosing the best odds will result in a more lucrative payout than those who cannot offer it any better.

Stay Updated about IPL Matches:

Getting yourself aware of the latest happenings and progress in IPL tournaments gives you knowledge. It includes those that may happen during the match like team changes, weather updates, and injuries that may take place. Accumulating news and updates will help you form an accurate prediction and adjust your betting strategy accordingly. Being informed will help you analyze the teams’ and players’ performances for your betting activity.

Manage Your IPL Bankroll Properly:

Bankroll management in online betting is crucial in the long run and short run terms. Placing a specific money for betting will help you distribute it on every bet. Thus, helping you maximize your IPL betting sessions, and allow you to save more wins. It can even help you minimize potential losses and protect the money you do not intend to spend.


Now that you have gathered all the essential information on how to bet on IPL matches here on JeetWin. We can say that you are now well-equipped to face betting for the Indian Premier League 2024 this coming March 22. Therefore, let us all begin expanding our experience and be ready to bet for the upcoming IPL. All the key details are already written down in this post, including tips and how to bet on IPL, choosing the best IPL betting site, and many more. Make sure you have fully understood them all for a rewarding IPL betting. If you are still confused, re-read the article and comprehend all the key points.

What are you waiting for? Join JeetWin today and create an account with us. Continue your IPL craze by betting on us. Our sports section does offer cricket betting, including the upcoming IPL 2024. Do place your IPL bets and get a chance to win amazing rewards once your wagers do win. Let us all bet successfully on IPL and be a lucky winner. Do bet only on JeetWin to win.

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