Defend Your Game: Cricket Helmets Guide

Cricket is an exciting sport that is filled with action-packed matches. In this scenario, every player involved becomes a prime target, especially when fast bowlers unleash fast bowling deliveries, and that’s why batsmen need helmet protection all the time. The introduction and mandatory use of helmets have significantly reduced serious head injuries in cricket, making the game safer for players at all levels. This is why cricket players must check different brands and available types in the market to ensure they get the best quality and performance of a cricket helmet.

Masuri Cricket Helmets

Masuri cricket helmets represent the best safety and comfort when playing on the cricket stage. It is popular choice among cricketers who are looking for maximum protection for their heads without sacrificing the quality of the item. These cricket helmets use innovative technology such as improved impact absorption and enhanced ventilation systems, ensuring both safety and comfort even under the most extreme playing circumstances. Masuri introduced the current elevation of helmet innovation, TF3D technology. It combines cutting-edge technology with stringent safety conditions without sacrificing player comfort. But rather, it increases it. It also features 3D-printed lattice pads that are shaped for comfort, making it the most advanced helmet to date. The lattice structure provides increased protection and ventilation around the head.

For the price, the cheapest one is £55 (₹5,861.98), and the highest price is £470 (₹50,098.75).

Shrey Cricket Helmet

Shrey cricket helmets are the ideal combination of safety, comfort, and style, meeting the needs of today’s cricket players. These cricket helmets are known for their advanced safety features, such as high-impact absorption and strong structure. Shrey’s devotion to innovation is evident in its lightweight construction and improved breathability. Beyond all, it ensures comfort even under the most demanding cricket-playing circumstances. For full guards, the helmet has a strong steel shell that provides excellent impact protection and durability on the cricket field. The Shrey cricket helmets have good ventilation, keeping you cool and focused during difficult matches.

For the price, the cheapest one is £48 (₹5,116.47), and the highest price is £221 (₹23,557.07).

Forma Cricket Helmet

Forma cricket helmets provide more than just protection from potential dangers. It blends cutting-edge technology with an aesthetically pleasing design. Its innovative features are meticulously designed to provide the best possible protection. This assists cricketers in facing the game’s dangers confidently. Forma stands out for its devotion to the safety and protection of its users, such as cricket players. It features technologies such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and polycarbonate visors. Forma is well-known for its cricket helmets, which emphasize safety while maintaining comfort and style when playing cricket on the field. It has multi-density inner padding, a strong grill design, an adjustable fit system, a ventilation system, lightweight construction, and a moisture-wicking lining.

For the price, the cheapest one is £45.79 (₹4,880.89), and the highest price is £175.94 (₹18,753.98).

SG and SS Cricket Helmets

The SG cricket helmets have an impact-resistant polypropylene outer shell, a shock-absorbing foam inner shell, classic vents for free air circulation, a sweat-absorbing lining, an adjustable steel grille for superior protection, and lastly, inner padding. SS cricket helmets are made up of lightweight polypropylene construction that has a high-density, protected EVA lining. It has an adjustable grill that allows for all kinds of adjustments to get the best view of the field. It also comes with an adjustable strap that fits well with any cricket player. Lastly, the SS cricket helmet has four holes sealed by mesh that allow air ventilation when used while playing cricket.

For the price, the SS Cricket’s cheapest one is ₹1,156.00, and the highest price is ₹8,840.00.

For price, the cheapest SG Cricket helmet is £14 (₹1,492.30), and the highest price is £25 (₹2,664.82).

Moonwalkr Cricket Helmet

The Moonwalkr is the world’s first cricket helmet with 30 air vents designed to improve airflow during play and prevent heat buildup in the most extreme situations. It has a distinct structural design with stiff zones that can withstand collisions of up to 160 mph. Mind’s aerodynamic front design deflects the ball rather than rejecting it, transferring minimal force to the head. With a built-in lower head shield and additional protection, there is no restriction on overall head movement. Finally, it features a high-carbon steel grille system that is designed to withstand heavy impacts.

The price of the Moonwalk Helmet Mind 2.0 is ₹6,999.00.

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Cricket Helmet Size Chart

To measure your head for a cricket helmet, you need measuring tape. To measure, wrap the measuring tape around your head, 1-2 fingers above the eyebrow, beginning at the forehead and working your way around to the widest part of the back—measure where the tape meets. Take 3 measurements, then use the largest size to determine your head measurements.

Cricket helmet size:

  • Small: 21.3 in.–22 in.
  • Medium: 22 in. to 23.2 in.
  • Large: 23.2 in.–24.4 in.

You must follow the correct way of measuring your head to fit the cricket helmet you plan to buy. It would be in your best interest if you used a measuring tape to determine your correct size. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to avoid making mistakes in measuring your cricket helmet size.

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Cricket Helmet Price Range

The price range of the above-mentioned cricket helmet brands depends on their brand, quality, materials, technology, and features used to perform better on the cricket field. When we evaluate them, there are superior brands but at a high price, while others are in the mid-range and some have the cheapest pricing. To give you an overview of who comes with the highest price up to the lowest price, we will provide a list of comparisons for your basis.

  • Masuri Cricket Helmets: From £55 (₹5,861.98), and the highest price is £470 (₹50,098.75).
  • Shrey Cricket Helmet: From £48 (₹5,116.47), the highest price is £221 (₹23,557.07).
  • Forma Cricket Helmet: From £45.79 (₹4,880.89), and the highest price is £175.94 (₹18,753.98).
  • SS Cricket Helmet: From ₹1,156.00, and the highest price is ₹8,840.00.
  • Moonwalk Helmet Mind 2.0:  ₹6,999.00
  • SG Cricket Helmet: From £14 (₹1,492.30), and the highest price is £25 (₹2,664.82).

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If we aim to play a sport like cricket, we must wear a cricket helmet whenever playing. This is to prevent possible injuries, especially in our heads. We all know that this body part is sensitive and needs proper protection. Therefore, whenever possible, we must always wear a cricket helmet during a cricket game. We highly encourage everyone to prioritize safety and protection by investing in quality cricket helmets that will serve as a guard for critical moments like fast bowling deliveries. It truly matters that we protect ourselves when playing cricket to avoid unwanted accidents.

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