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The top sportsbook for Indian gamers is Jeetwin India. Jeetwin is a great option for Indian sports gamblers for a variety of factors. Let’s look more at the unique features that set you apart from the competition.

First, Jeetwin serves the Indian sports betting market. The sports markets on Jeetwin are particularly popular among Indian athletes. These sports markets include kabaddi and cricket.

JeetWin provides sports betting on the 9Wickets and BTI sportsbook platforms.

The “Asian View” option is available on JeetWin’s BTI betting platform for the display of odds. Another option is to switch to a European View. BTI Sports Book offers a wide variety of sporting events. But if you’re interested in betting on cricket. We advise using the 9Wickets sports exchange on JeetWin.

Besides offering a variety of sports betting alternatives. JeetWin India stands out by its client support. Players from India can access excellent customer service at JeetWin. It’s admirable how they take care of their customers. You can try it for yourself, so don’t take our word for it.

There are more than 20 different JeetWin sports available on our betting platform. The most well-liked sports, including soccer and cricket, are available for betting. But you can also select less well-liked ones. In this article, we have outlined the most well-liked sports that you can bet on.


It goes without saying that this is one of the most well-liked sports. You may always find good odds in cricket tournaments at our JeetWin bookmaker. Look at the most well-attended events in this sport.

  • Minor League Cricket
  • The Hundred
  • T20I Tri-Series
  • South Africa’s Tour of England
  • The Indian Premier League, and
  • The Maharaja Trophy.


Another well-liked sport both in Bangladesh and around the world is this one. You can select many betting types for various events in this JeetWin sport. Thanks to our high-quality betting software. Of course, there are always chances to find high odds for soccer in competitions like:

  • FIFA World Cup,
  • Spain La Liga
  • Ukraine Cup
  • England Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League.


High odds for tennis are available on our JeetWin betting website. Both before the event begins and while it is taking place. Pick any contest from the ones below, place live bets, and win big:

  • Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP);
  • Daily Premier Tour (Mixed);
  • International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Ice Hockey

Because this sport is as popular as the others. You may place a bet on our JeetWin betting BD website with great odds. The following are a few of the most-watched ice hockey matches:

  • Czech Lions Cup,
  • PHD – Team Ontario’s BEST OF BEST SERIES,
  • IIHF World Championship,
  • Prague Hockey Cup.


Every year, a variety of competitions and tournaments are organized in this sport. As a result, it won’t be difficult for you to locate an event with high odds at our JeetWin bookmaker. The current most well-liked baseball competitions are:

  • Get Down in the Dirt and Play Real Baseball;
  • Hometown Hero;
  • Battle at the Beach;
  • Save Second Base.


Basketball is a popular sport everywhere. And our JeetWin bookies site makes it simple to find excellent odds. Make a bet on any event of your choice to win BDT. The current most well-liked events in this sport are:

  • WNBA,
  • NBA,
  • ACB League.

5% Weekly Sports Cashback with JeetWin

A unique weekly sports cashback bonus is offered by the JeetWin Cashback program. A weekly 5% cashback is available to users up to 15,000 INR/BDT. You must have a JeetWin account that is registered to be eligible for this offer. Then, for each sports bet you make, you’ll be eligible for a weekly 5% cashback.

The cashback sum is calculated using 5% of all net sports losses. Users of JeetWin can also receive payback for bet made on slots, live casino tables. And e-games up to 10 lakhs INR/BDT during Masti Monday payback.

  • Register a JeetWin account.
  • To qualify for cashback, place bet on any athletic event.
  • Every Monday, a cashback of up to 15,000 USD or 15,000 INR would be awarded.


The majority of bookmakers and sports gamblers advise using high-speed internet. In general, the easiest way to place a bet on sports from a considerable distance is online. But it also gives you access to a wide variety of sports. And sports betting markets as well as all the volatile odds of the game.

This has a major effect on the amount of money you will earn. Also, it is crucial to select the right sports betting websites.

The top website allows you to receive all benefits while betting online. You must make a firm decision on the website you will choose for sports betting.

Register now and explore the different sports to bet on. Head over to JeetWin and place bets to win incredible prizes!

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