From Pitch to Purchase: Best Finisher in The IPL History.

best finisher in the ipl

The Indian Premier League is a whirlwind platform, with every match bringing strong pressure on its players to win the game. In this high-energy environment cricket gives, is rise to the best cricketers who strive to be the best finisher in the IPL. However, the journey to becoming an IPL finisher is a challenging path to take. It requires dedication, competence, and overflowing desire to achieve this title.

Today, let us go into the realm of IPL, namely the best finishers who have left a legacy in cricket sport. This is the best moment to explore the names of the finishes who overcame the tense death overs and earned their place among the cricket’s greatest players in IPL history.

Best finisher in the IPL history

MS Dhoni

Dhoni is highly recognized as the best finisher in the IPL world of cricket. He has made some outstanding performances in IPL history since he entered the cricket scene. Even more remarkable he made some unforgettable captaincy in his existing team, Chennai Super Kings (CSK), that led to its five IPL crowns. Despite being a captain in the past for his team, he still creates indispensable records as an individual player. Undoubtedly, he has played 253 games already since his first IPL appearance and has scored 5,119 runs. He simply knocked down 24 half-centuries and obtained his greatest IPL score at 84 runs. 

AB de Villiers

Villiers records put him in second place for the best finisher in the IPL. Another flexible cricketer who can adjust his playing style to any match circumstances, he can bat, and score runs whenever he can. These remarkable performances that he has in the sport of cricket earned him 5,162 runs of 5,162 and has played in 184 matches during his IPL career. This record is not stopping as he gets 3 centuries and 40 half-centuries for the record. While above all his accomplishments, he obtained his highest IPL score at 133 runs. His playing records are fulfilling and remain recognizable.

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Andre Russell

Russel is the third player we will be discussing now. This cricketer is an all-rounder and is known for his power-hitting abilities. In his playing performances, Russel can execute great playing and deliveries that make him one of the best finishers in IPL history. In his history of playing, He has made several accomplishments, which led him to play 114 matches since the beginning of his IPL journey. By far, he scored 2,326 runs and earned 11 half-centuries, whereas he achieved his highest IPL score at 88 runs. His best score was achieved when he played against Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2018.

Kieron Pollard

Pollard is another all-rounder in our list of the best finishers in the IPL. His playing tactic is focused on batting action. Going back in the past, this cricketer has made great contributions to Mumbai Indians that led to some of its success. With such an impact on Mumbai Indians’ victory, he reached the best finisher title in IPL history. Nevertheless, he already played in 189 matches since the inception of his IPL quest. He has scored 3, 412 runs, achieved 16 half-centuries, and got his highest score at 87. Such striking stats have made a legacy in his IPL records.

Hardik Pandya

Pandya is another best finishers in the IPL due to his remarkable and lasting playing appearances in the IPL. On this date, this cricketer is highly recognized as one of the smart rounders in the cricket-playing scene. It all began when he made a mark for his name under the Gujarat Titans team where he led his team to success. His playing abilities have created records, he participated in 126 matches, scoring runs of 2,378 and achieved 10 half-centuries. Currently, he has his highest score at 91 runs. These impressive numbers have made him our fifth place as the best finisher in the IPL. 

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Glenn Maxwell

Maxwell is an Australian batter and one of the power strikers in the cricket sport. This player is one of a kind, as he can deliver effective batting performances that can change the scene of the game. This paves the way for his team to earn success when he plays. The best illustration is when he brings down Afghanistan in the World Cup 2023. He made his playing debut in the IPL tournament way back in 2012. Since then, he appeared in 127 games, scored 2,750 runs, and earned 18 half-centuries. Overall, he got his highest IPL score at 95 runs. 

Ben Stokes

Stokes has been a distinguished English cricketer among other finishers in IPL. This player has great qualities as a finisher which makes him the most expensive player in the IPL 2018 auction. He has these real skills when it comes to finishing a match that for some finds outstanding as a cricket player. These characteristics are proven with his 935 scored runs, getting 2 centuries and 2 half-centuries. So far, he achieved his highest IPL score at 107 runs.

Ravindra Jadeja

This left-arm all-rounder is one of the best finishers in IPL history, placing him in 8th spot. Jadeja is also a promising batsman who can achieve more records in his playing career in IPL. With all the times he played for Chennai Super Kings, he brought great contributions to his team’s batting department and helped get wins against opposing rivals. In all the great playing records he acquired. His statistics will prove it true. At present he has appeared in 229 matches, scoring runs of 2,745, achieving 2 half-centuries, and earning his highest IPL score of 62 runs.  

Chris Morris

In the 2021 IPL auction, Morris has been the most expensive player. There is no denying that he is one of the best finishers that appeared in IPL history. Despite being known as a bowler; Morris can also score using the bat—his batting skills he has executed effectively as a finisher. To prove how exceptional his batting is, he played in 81 matches, got run scores of 618 runs, and acquired 2 half-centuries. He got his highest IPL score of 82 runs which put him in 9th place as the best finisher in IPL history. 

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Rishabh Pant

In our list of the best finishers in IPL history, this player is another wicketkeeper-batsman who acquired outstanding finishing records. Pant may be a younger cricketer, but it did not stop him from blasting his batting skills in all aspects of the cricket game. Being in the last 10th spot in our list of best finishers only proves he can be a great and successful player. At present, he has already appeared in 101 matches in IPL and scored runs of 2,935. Also, he achieved 1 century, 16 half-centuries, and his highest IPL score of 128 runs. The statistics mentioned for this young player only prove that age does not define success in cricket sport. 


The IPL tournament would not be the same without achieving record-breaking performances. One example of this recognition is by being the best finisher in the IPL history. However, the journey to becoming an IPL finisher is a long and challenging path.

Nonetheless, with the right playing approach and unwavering determination, everything is possible. The best example is our top 10 list of best finishers in IPL that make the impossible truly possible. As IPL continues to evolve, there will always be new players of finishers will rise. In the end, great playing will always be rewarded with acknowledgment. 

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