High Odds or Low Odds – What is Better in Sports Betting?

High odds or low odds - what is better in sports betting?

Sports betting is not a new concept to gambling players. However, one concept that seems to confuse a lot of people is the difference between high and low odds. Usually, high odds entail something that has a better chance of winning. While low odds refer to something that lacks winning chances. In sports betting, though, these meanings are completely opposite. This is what confuses many people and even causes a lot of debates among the bettors. In sports betting, you need to utilize as many advantages as you can get. As the margin between winning and losing is pretty thin here. 

So, a confusion of concept can lead you astray and make your chances of winning even thinner. As a result, what can be an enjoyable game can end up giving you a bad experience. This can make you wary of meddling with any forms of gambling in the future. This is why, here, we are going to talk about what high odds and low odds mean for sports betting. And also which can help you gain more wins in different situations. Please read the whole article to learn more.

What do high and low odds mean in sports betting?

In sports betting the concepts of high and low odds are completely different from the real world. This can be confusing at first, but as you gain more experience, things become clearer. A good way of understanding it is how the British people refer to it. There, high odds are termed as long odds and low odds are termed as short odds. For example, a match has long odds of winning while another has short odds. 

This works far better in understanding things as anything hard to achieve is associated with having a long odd or long shot. While something easier to achieve is associated with short odds. This is how high and low odds work in sports betting. A match with lesser prospects of winning has high odds and vice versa. They are also termed as such as high odds have a better cash payout than the short odds team.

High and low odds examples in sports betting

Let us try to analyze it further with a detailed spread here. Suppose, the Chicago team has a point spread, money line, and total in order has these numbers +10, +450, +0210.5. Meanwhile, the Cleveland team has -10, -630, U210.5 in order. Now, the Chicago team to win provides you with +450 odds. Which is a long odd given by its distance from 0. While Cleveland has short odds in regards to the same equation. In these situations, your sportsbook can entice you with long or high odds as they are aware that your team has lesser chances to win. It is surprising how good these offers appeal to people as high odds tend to pay out better. But having higher chances of losing also means that you might end up with nothing.

When to place high odds bets?

You should only place high odds bets when you are completely sure of your wager. For example, if you gain a key piece of information that will work in your bet’s favor. Or, if you are into the thrill of a bigger payout with higher risks. Only in these two situations, do people tend to place high odds bets.

When to place low odds bets?

Low odds bets are for people who do not like to take risks. As low odds bets are for sure shot wins, the risk factor is pretty low. However, they also tend to pay less. But this can be equally beneficial if you keep placing low-risk bets with more chances of winning. Although it will take time you will end up building a steady bankroll over time with fewer losses. 

Which one is better?

It is hard to say as different things work for different people and in different situations. You can place both bets on one day depending on your confidence in your bets. If you like the thrill of a bigger payout with higher risks, then high odds will work best for you. But if you like to play it safe and want to build it up safely, then low odds should be your go-to.


In the end, your bets depend entirely on how you want to play it and what you are looking for in the process. Both high and low odds have their pros and cons and can be applied to different situations. You just need to choose the one that works best for you in a situation that will help you maximize your gains.

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