How Does The Sportsbook Beat The Public?

How Does The Sportsbook Beat The Public?

It is already a known fact that the house always the advantage. This remains true for sportsbooks as well. However, why is it that the sportsbooks continue to have an advantage? While it is true that there have been people who have won against the sportsbook, this generally, has been a rare occurrence. That’s why the media widely covers these events. Generally, sportsbooks have the ill-repute of beating the public. The reason is because of how sportsbooks tend to work. Here are a few ways why sportsbooks always beat the public as a whole:


The concept of vig is a famous one and is one of the reasons why sportsbooks can make more money out of the losses of people. Let’s say, in a match between favorites and underdogs, the favorites have a 70% chance of winning while the underdogs have a chance of 30%. The sportsbooks on the other hand will manipulate the odds to keep it at around 75-35. This means that the total percentage now stands at 110%. The extra 10% is known as vig. The sportsbook gets it, no matter which side wins. The vig is the way of sportsbooks to earn money. Now, it is possible to change the odds in your favor by making the right bets, but since sportsbooks collectively can control the odds, it is highly unlikely.

Changing odds

Another way sportsbooks tend to make more money is by changing odds. Sportsbooks always start with the opening lines or opening odds. These opening odds are the time that the money starts flowing in on the specific odds. Once the money starts flowing, the odds begin to change in that specific sportsbook. The odds are controlled in such a way that money on both sides of the odds is almost 50%. By trying to go as close as 50%, the sportsbook wins either way whatever be the final outcome of the match.

By changing the odds, sportsbooks can invite more money in specific odds and that way, the money distribution also lies within the power of the sportsbook. However, on the whole, sportsbooks do not always win in this case. There have been moments when the bettors have no responded to changing odds instantly, be patient, and that has resulted in a loss of the sportsbook. However, again, these circumstances are rare occurrences.

Marketing of parlays

Another great way by which sportsbooks tend to lure customers is by strong marketing, especially of parlays. Often, sportsbooks would market a major win of a person when they opted for a parlay and these marketing tactics can create a sense of hope in many ordinary bettors. However, the problem with parlays is that they are generally a bad deal. There are terrible vigs on parlays that can even go as high as 30%. Plus, winning on a parlay is a massive stroke of luck so naturally, in such cases, the sportsbook is probably going to win and beat the ordinary bettor.

Limited betting of certain bettors

Another way the sportsbooks can win is by forcing limits on the betting size. This is generally done to poor customers. Poor customers are those who tend to bet big bankrolls, do it strategically, and join in only when risk-free strategies work. If you are someone who likes arbitrage betting, then there is a chance that the casino will start putting limits on your betting size. These kinds of bettors are put on a hold – that is either restricted or completely blocked off. In this way, the sportsbooks tend to stop incurring any excess losses in the future as well.

Misinformation or ignorance

Sportsbooks tend to make a lot of money because simply, the people are not well-informed. The public does not inform themselves as to how sportsbooks work. They are often not aware of how odds and vig work or even how sportsbooks, in general, make money. Due to the lack of knowledge, it is easier for sportsbooks to take advantage of the public and make money off them.

Being knowledgeable of the sports betting industry can really help you in the long run. There are many people who want to make money in sports betting. Most fail to do so since they are overconfident with their knowledge of sports rather than sportsbooks. That’s why it’s important for the public to be more invested in learning about how sports betting works.

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