How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

All live sports are ultimately there to entertain the spectator. Without a live audience, no major sports event is really the same. The 2020 pandemic demonstrated this easily as nearly all sports events got cancelled in its wake. Naturally, this means that sports betting in general also took a hit. But the sports betting sites stayed afloat nevertheless. Sure, a primary reason is that most sports betting sites also double as online gambling sites. But on the other hand, another big reason is alternatives to live sports betting. One would first think of esports events. 

But strange as it might sound, most major esports leagues also shut down events due to the lack of live audience. One of the major saviors in this case for the sports betting sites was virtual betting. While the general betting populace tucks it away in preference of live sports betting, virtual sports betting is – albeit a bit different – a fun alternative way to approach your bettor instincts. 

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

In the simplest terms, virtual sports are actual sports with their real-life rules and laws. That is, with the sole exception that they are simulated by a computer. If you have played simulation games before, this is in the same vein as SimCity. For example, video games often do a splendid job at recreating a real life game digitally. That said, in the case of virtual sports, no one really ‘plays’ it as such. The game AI or algorithm generates the virtual sports match in real time. However, one must note an important distinction here. Namely: fantasy league. Fantasy Premier League and such are not exactly virtual sports. They are similarly a sports betting spectrum, but their results are actually reliant on real-life fixtures. In the case of virtual sports betting, it is ultimately a simulation with no real life parallels. 

The Core of A Virtual Sport

Virtual sports are by and large complex calculations done by a machine. But since it is a machine, one must wonder if that takes away from the ‘sports’ experience of real life. If a computer computes, by pure logic, a stronger football team comes out on top of the weaker one all the time. Therefore, virtual sports may seem like a contest between two columns of statistics. But this is not true, because all virtual sports rely on RNG (i.e. random number generator). It skews what would be a pure mathematical result with randomization. 

In its earliest form, the random sequencing used to be the backbone of virtual sports, mostly used as a simulation of horse racing. Modern iterations still have that RNG feature. After all, there is no ‘betting’ without an element of chance encounters and gambling. So just like real world, virtual sports emulates both the skills of the athlete as well as the ever-present luck factor. 

Modern virtual games also decorate this fancy data simulation with realistic 3D graphics to sweeten the deal. In fact, most betting sites allow users to watch the real-time simulations without actually betting on it. Like autobattlers or simulation games, these 3D representations by itself can be a chill pastime. 

Do Virtual Sports Betting Websites Cheat?

To clarify a previous point, these virtual sports events do not use actual real life matches. This lack of connection with real-life events makes many doubt the authenticity of virtual sports betting. In defense of such doubt, it is true that scam sites and grifting traps are unfortunately common in the sports betting industry. That being said, it is a misconception to label virtual sports betting as scams. If you get down to it, most virtual sports betting simulations are run in-house on the servers of betting websites. But good trustworthy betting sites like betway use industry-standard engines for these simulations with proper RNG. When randomization dictates the scene, it is impossible for the house to ensure the game goes their way. 

That said, most rules of traditional sports betting still apply here. The odds of a bet are in the bookmaker’s hands. So in order to actually make good money, you have to be good at spotting value bets. Generally, the sportsbook will. like always, keep it profitable whether with low odds or with high vigs. But there are people who still make a living off traditional sports betting, so those general betting practices and acumen will take you a long way in virtual sports betting as well. 

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