How is Valorant Shaping the Esports Market in India?

How is Valorant Shaping the Esports Market in India?

The esports market is expanding very fast across the globe. Countries like America, China, and South Korea have always been at the forefront of the esports and gaming markets of the world. But India, with its large economy and spending prowess, has also become one of the big names in the esports market. Sure, China and South Korea are still leading in the department but as the popularity of online gaming and esports is expanding in India, things are slowly changing.

India’s Esports Market

First, let’s take some factors into account. India has one of the largest economies in the world. So it is not surprising, with the population of this country, that something as amazing as esports is rapidly gaining popularity. It started mostly with games like CS: GO and Dota2. But it was the introduction of the game PUBG in 2017 that spiked the interests of all age groups. Players could play the game on smartphones as well as on PCs. And it paved the way for Valorant in this country. Even though PUBG was unfortunately banned in India. But Valorant, which came out in 2020, is rapidly becoming one of the favorite games of Indian gamers and Esports players. And there is a multitude of reasons behind this.

The Intensity of Valorant

Valorant is a game by Riot Games. They are one of the legendary game developers right now. Riot Games are most famous for their revolutionary game League of Legends (LOL). League of Legends is one of the top three esports of all time along with CS:GO and Dota2. And the developers are hoping that Valorant will also replicate the success of its predecessor. They are also thrilled because it is looking like India is going to be one of the leading markets for this game.

Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter game. It is very intense and intriguing. Though not the first game in this genre, Valorant seems to have gotten all the ingredients right. It is somewhat similar to LOL as it also has a 5 player team formation with each member having a different skill unique to them. One of the main reasons why Valorant is gaining popularity so fast is that it does not have too many computing system requirements. This means it is available to a multitude of players and not just elite gamers.

Growth of Valorant

Another reason for its growth in popularity is the fact that Valorant has a server in India, which is situated in Mumbai. For most other games like this, the servers are in other countries. Which results in laggy gameplay and can cause serious trouble if someone is playing in a competitive atmosphere. But since Valorant has a server in Mumbai, this means that the player-machine interactions are faster. In intense gaming circumstances, even milliseconds matter when it comes to winning and losing. This way, players do not lose because of laggy gameplay. This made the Valorant fans of India very happy.

The game also has a lot of interesting qualities that make it enjoyable for fans across the globe. All the heroes in the game have unique and amazing abilities. This way, players can lead things differently based not only on their skills but also on the unique powers of their heroes. Many streamers, like Ninja, have transitioned into this game. Leading a lot of their fans to play this game as well. This has resulted in the fanbase of this game growing rapidly. The challenging aspects and scopes for teamwork make the game even more interesting and intense. In other words, Valorant is everything an esports player could ever want and more.


India was already becoming a huge market for esports during the Covid pandemic situation. And Valorant was there at the perfect time. Many people were looking for new forms of entertainment as they were sitting in their homes during the lockdown. Esports present people with an opportunity to get lost in the world of gaming and not get bored. And Valorant, being as amazing as it is, quickly won the hearts of many people. Not only do seasoned gamers and esports players love this game, but people who are new to gaming also love it. It has all the elements to make an enjoyable and successful game. Hopefully, Valorant will gain popularity in India and pave the way for more games to come in the future.

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