How many different types of cricket matches are there?

Exploring different types of cricket: From Tests to T20s

The world of cricket comes with exciting variations of match formats, tailored to different playing styles, game structures, time pace, and other factors. From conventional cricket matches to fast-paced games up to the modern formats, cricket sports have it all. Cricket matches provide all sorts of playing actions that match the preferences of every supporter. Therefore, everyone can have full enjoyment watching the different types of cricket, and it is fundamental to cricket’s success. In this guidepost, we aim to talk about the various types of cricket matches and how many types they have. We will unpack their distinct traits, duration, and underlying cricket format. Therefore, gear up as we take you into a comprehensive guide to the world of cricket matches.  

Types of Cricket Matches

Cricket sport consists of three types of cricket matches under its international level category. Accordingly, these are the most fundamental kind of cricket matches known as the three formats of cricket sport. Whereas, when it comes to the domestic level category of cricket sport, it has nine types of crickets matches in total. Given these numbers of matches available both in International and domestic categories, we will be focusing on the most prominent matches, which are the international types of matches under cricket sport.

The Types of Cricket Matches (International Level)

In cricket sport, there are three prominent matches that we will be highlighting in this part. We shall name them one by one and tell you about their distinguishing characteristics as cricket format, which are unique to them. Here are the different types of cricket matches you need to explore for more insightful learning about cricket sport.

Test Matches 

This is the oldest format of cricket match that has evolved over the years. This cricket match is recognized for its traditional roots and that makes it loved by many cricket followers. Due to its conventional aspect, test cricket is played over a maximum of five days – with a minimum of 90 overs must be bowled each day. Therefore, it is considered the longest format of a cricket match out of the other types we will be mentioning later. Each side has two innings, and the cricket team that scores the highest runs and bowls the opponent out twice will win successfully. In this cricket format, the draw is a valid game result and that means if the match duration ends and results are not yet met, the match will be a tie accordingly.

One-Day Internationals (ODI’s)

The ODI or One Day Internationals is one of the recognized different types of cricket matches. It was the second format in cricket sport that has been widely accepted in the international category. The concept of this cricket match comes from the perspective that test matches are long and boring. To give a history, the ODI format first appeared in 1971 during a game between England and Australia. This game was initially meant to be a test match in reality. But the first three days of the game were heavily affected by bad weather. The decision was made to turn the match into a one-day game. 

This concept happens to be applied to cricket matches, and that led to the first ODI which was played in 1975. Therefore, this cricket match format is being followed up to this day. Now, the ODI was played between two cricket teams with 11 players each. In this cricket match, each team’s innings is played for a maximum of 50 overs, and the team with the highest score at the end of their innings wins the match. In short, the cricket team which has the highest number of runs in the One Day match will win the said match accordingly.

T20 Internationals (T20I’s)

The twenty20 Internationals are the newest edition in the types of cricket matches at the international level. Despite being a new cricket competition format, it was the shortest and fastest form of a cricket match. This format has brought innovations and developments in how cricket sport should be played. In this T20 format of cricket sport, it is being played on a single day like One Day Internationals. The main distinction of this cricket format is the length of a batting innings is only 20 overs, or 120 balls to be exact.

The T20 internationals or T20Is typically conclude within three hours. While cricket players are displaying their playing skills within that time. In this cricket match format, the team who bats first will set the highest total score while the team who takes the second innings needs to surpass that target. Once both the teams have batted accordingly, the team who scored the most runs will be the winning team in the said cricket match. 

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Types of Cricket Tournaments

In cricket tournaments, there are two types, the first one is the international level, while the second one is the domestic level. In this section, we will discuss their main differences, so gear up and point out their distinctions accordingly. 

International Cricket Tournaments

It is a platform where cricket teams from different countries would battle against each other for the sake of cricket sport. The international tournaments will bring a new level of competition. Since cricket talents from different countries will emerge together on the cricket field to display their great playing skills. This alone gives added excitement and gathers all the fans from across the world. 

Domestic Cricket Tournaments

It is a platform where cricket teams from a particular country will compete with one another for the sake of cricket sport. These domestic tournaments provide a venue for local players of a nation to display their great playing talents. Thus, giving opportunities to own produced players of a nation to be known in the world of cricket even in the local scene. 

List of International Cricket Tournaments

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup
  2. Asia Cup
  3. ICC World Test Championship
  4. Ashes Series
  5. ICC Champions Trophy
  6. ICC T20 World Cup

Domestic Cricket Tournaments (India)

  1. Indian Premier League    
  2. Ranji Trophy      
  3. Irani Trophy       
  4. Duleep Trophy   
  5. Vijay Hazare Trophy        
  6. Deodhar Trophy 
  7. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 

Domestic Cricket Tournaments (Australia)

       1. Big Bash League (BBL)

       2. Sheffield Shield

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The world of cricket sport provides diverse match formats and thus ensures there is something to watch out for. From long match formats up to the shortest form of cricket matches – there is a cup of tea for everyone. The different match formats available in cricket sport provide everyone a preference. It is whether you are a solid fan of test matches or a new fan of T20Is, there is a cricket match for you. Therefore, every cricket fan can choose their preferred game structure, depending on their liking as there are different types of cricket. So, make sure you already have one in mind, as cricket sport is something to look forward to. Get ready to experience the captivating world of cricket by staying tuned to its different types of matches and tournaments. 

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