How was the Betting Scene in Valorant in 2021?

How was the Betting Scene in Valorant in 2021?

Valorant is a newer addition to not only the gaming world but also the esports betting market. But it has had tremendous growth since it started. The esports market for Valorant is growing every day. Now that we have started on a new year with new things to look forward to, let us take a look back at how 2021 was for Valorant players and bettors. What we gained from last year is that Valorant is pretty unpredictable. Which makes it even more fun. We had some really good runs and great wins, but surprisingly, the underdogs won a lot as well. So without further ado, let us delve into how the year 2021 was for Valorant.

Firstly, let us look into the largest events that took place last year.

Stage 2 Masters

This was one of the first major tournaments and it happened in Reykjavik. This was the first event of the year that most of the major teams participated in. North America seemed to dominate this tournament. Sentinels were in killer form and most people bet on them.

Stage 3 Masters

After Reykjavik, the Stage 3 Masters took place in Berlin. And it was an even bigger event than the first one. Valorant betting reached a new high as everyone was a bit more prepared for the events than stage 2. The players and teams were also amazing. The course of the games surprised people. Gambit was the most likely team to win, and they did win, but it was a hard-earned win. Sentinels, on the other hand, were expected to make it pretty far but Envy knocked them out pretty soon.

Valorant Champions

The largest championship of last year, by a mile, was the Valorant Champions that happened in Berlin. The stakes were higher than ever before and people were all eagerly anticipating the results. Unfortunately for Gambit, even though they were a favourite, they couldn’t make it very far. Along with them fell a lot of other big teams. Surprisingly, an underdog team Acend won and was crowned the champions of Valorant for 2021. This only goes on to prove that anything can happen in Valorant and you cannot predict it.

Best Teams of 2021

It does not come as a surprise that a lot of noteworthy teams came up this year. Valorant also proved that this game really cannot crown a single king to rule over them all. Favourites were knocked down and underdogs emerged victoriously. Great teams were scattered throughout all the major regions.

Sentinels are the first team we should talk about. They are a North American team that won the Stage 2 Masters. In Reykjavik, they won without losing a single map! They were truly a gem to behold this year. Other noteworthy North American teams were Envy, who knocked out Sentinels in Stage 3, and also 100 Thieves who were underdogs that played well. These will be the North American Teams to watch out for in 2022.

Europe was the other powerful player in the major regions. And the final winner of the championship was also a European team, Acend. Acend is a great team with great players. Even though they were an underdog, they managed to emerge victorious in the end. Other European powerhouses include Liquid, Gambit and FNATIC. Gambit was the team that won Stage 3 in Berlin.

Best Players of All

Valorant is a team game, so it is really hard to crown the best players as such. No matter when or how you play this game, you will need a team. But even amongst great team plays, some players just show their talent and win a place in people’s hearts. Some of these players in 2021 were,

SEN TenZ from Sentinels, who was probably Sentinel’s MVP this year. He is a very talented gamer with over a million subscribers on YouTube. nAts from Gambit was also one of the best players this year. The Russian player is famous for his impossible plays. Team Liquid’s ScreaM, who transitioned from CSGO to Valorant was a treat to watch. He is called the Headshot Machine for his impeccable aims. And let us not forget the winning team Acend’s star player cNed. He helped his team get the win and probably is the number one Valorant player of the world at this moment.


2021 was an amazing year for Valorant. We saw many ups and downs but were also thoroughly entertained. We cannot predict what is going to happen this year as Valorant is one of the most unpredictable games. But that is the charm of it. We hope to see the emergence of many amazing teams and players in 2022 as well.

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