In What Ways Do Amateur Sports Bettors Lose Their Profits?

In What Ways Do Amateur Sports Bettors Lose Their Profits?

Sports betting is always risky. You can never say for sure if you are going to win or lose money because you are not the one playing the game. And the result of games that you bet on can only be predicted so much. Nothing is written in stone, thus there is always a risk involved with sports betting. Nevertheless, people who make a profit out of sports betting or professionals research betting. A lot of research and calculation is needed if you want to turn a profit in sports betting. But most amateurs lose their money because of some rookie mistakes. Here are some of them. 

1. Loyalty to a Team:

One of the reasons why sports bettors lose money is because they are loyal to their home team or their favorite team. This will make them not take into account all the variables that can change the game. They will always blindly bet on their favorite for their loyalty to them. Most newbies bet on their favorite team and end up losing money in the long run. Betting on your favorite can work once or twice but it won’t work always. The best way to avoid this is to put your emotions on hold while betting. Research and learn before betting and you will have a chance of gaining a profit in the long run. 

2.  Chasing Losses in Sports Betting:

Sometimes even professional bettors end up chasing losses. This happens mostly due to frustration or overconfidence. If you see that you are on a losing streak one day, the best choice is to not try and break-even or turn up a profit. Rather you should quit for the day of the week and wait for a game that you feel confident about. If you keep chasing losses you will end up losing most of your profit in very little time. 

3. Betting in Sports too Often:

Betting too often can also lead you to lose your money in sports betting. If you bet too often and on too many things, it means that you are probably not doing your research properly. This makes it easier for you to fall into a cycle of loss. Mostly amateur bettors end up betting too much and losing too much money. If you want to turn a profit, you should learn everything about a game and only bet when you are comfortable with your choice. You should also calculate value bets before betting if you want to make a profit. 

4. Poor Money Management:

Probably one of the biggest reasons why bettors end up losing their profit is because of poor money management. Keeping a tab on your bankroll and how you use it is very important when it comes to sports betting. Some people cannot control their urge to keep betting and that is how they end up losing too much money. You should always have a limit on how much money you bet in a day. If you see that you are going over your limits with your bets, then you should stop. Otherwise, there is a good chance you will lose a lot more than you earn. 

5. Using Only One Sportsbook:

Another reason why a rookie might end up losing their profits in sports betting is that they use only one sportsbook. There is an ample amount of supply for sportsbooks and you should scour the internet for the best value on your play before betting. Remember that your money is important and you should do everything you can to ensure your profit. You won’t always win but with this, you will turn up a profit in the long run. 


These are some of the main reasons why rookie sports bettors lose their profits. To be honest recreational bettors and newbies make up most of the betting scenario. But if you want to become a sports bettor and do it professionally, then you should never do the aforementioned things.  Remember to stick to your bankroll, never chase losses, never bet only on your favorites, and always do an ample amount of research before betting. All the speculation and guesses in sports betting need to be done before the matches. After the match ensues, you can only depend on luck. So make sure to play smart so you do not end up losing money.

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