IPL Players’ Salary 2024: Who Earns the Big Bucks?

Top 10 IPL Players Salary 2024: Highest-Paid Cricketers Revealed

The IPL tournament and its existing auction have been a high-stakes event where franchisers were bidding for the underlying services of the best cricketing talents. This bidding process between IPL teams or franchisers is critical for their success in the world of cricket sport. The IPL auction has served as a source of new talent for each IPL team’s roster and become an identifier for the latest salaries of top cricketers. For IPL 2024, several prominent players raised their asking salary based on their impressive skills and proven record of accomplishment. Therefore, with such command, some players are given a raise, and others become part of the new team. In today’s post, we will share with you the top 10 players who got the highest salaries for the ongoing IPL 2024 tournament. 

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Top 10 IPL players salary

Mitchell Starc (INR 24.75 crores / Kolkata Knight Riders)

In our list of IPL player salaries, we should start with Mitchell Starc. He is a prominent Australian cricketer who is widely regarded as one of the best fast bowlers in the world of cricket sport. His impactful bowling skills and excellence in swinging the ball at breakneck speed make him an exceptional bowler. With such a playing impact, he earned a hefty IPL salary for the IPL 2024 competition due to his bowling competencies that any IPL team would want to have.

Pat Cummins (INR 20.50 crores / Sunrisers Hyderabad)

Cummins is belonged to the IPL highest money player because of many great reasons. With his fast-bowling acumen, equipped with accuracy, pace, and top of with great leading attributes. We cannot deny such playing talent he carries. Also, this right-handed bowler makes great swing deliveries that challenge any batsman he faces. His ability to bowl in good areas makes him a threat on the cricket field. Therefore, it is not surprising he is part of the IPL players salary that has a higher amount of INR 20.50 crores.

Sam Curran (INR 18.50 crores / Punjab Kings)

In terms of IPL players’ salaries, Sam is in third place for the highest salary in IPL. This talented English cricketer who is recognized for his all-rounder abilities has made himself noteworthy in cricket sport. Curran’s ability to swing the ball at a good pace in any area makes him a challenging player to face. Not only that, but his batting skills are also remarkable for his aggressive stroke play that delivers quick scores. It makes sense now why he is one of the most expensive players in the IPL tournament.

Cameron Green (INR 17.50 crores / Royal Challengers Bangalore)

Green who is an Australian cricketer under Royal Challengers Bangalore is in fourth place in terms of IPL players salary amount. He has been paid INR 17.50 crores, but it only corresponds evenly as he is an effective all-rounder player in IPL. Green has both the capability to bowl and bat on the cricket field. As a batsman, he is recognized for his power hitting and batting in different directions. Whereas, as a bowler, he can bowl quickly and seamlessly. Overall, he is an equipped and talented all-rounder who can contribute to his team abundantly.   

KL Rahul (INR 17.00 crores / Lucknow Super Giants)

Rahul is in the fifth spot in terms of IPL players salary total. This cricketer is the first wicketkeeper we encounter in the IPL highest money player. However, being a wicketkeeper is not the only role he possesses, Rahul is also a team captain for his team, Lucknow Super Giants. Going back in the past, this player also won a prestigious award for his excellence – it is the orange cap title for scoring the most runs in a season of the IPL tournament, in the year 2020. Rahul has been wearing many roles and this only compensates for his high salary amount.

Nicholas Pooran (INR 16.00 crores / Lucknow Super Giants)

Pooran is the second wicketkeeper we will delve into and placed sixth place when it comes to IPL salary amount. This cricket player is from Trinidad, West Indies, who is batting left-handed in cricket sport. Pooran is an impactful batsman who possesses big-hitting capabilities and is a great wicketkeeper behind the stumps, he can strike any cricket ball which makes him a versatile cricket player. With all these competencies he has, he is a remarkable wicketkeeper-batsman in the IPL history.

Ravindra Jadeja (INR 16.00 crores / Chennai Super Kings)

Jadeja has an Indian player salary of INR 16.00 crores, placing him in the seventh spot for having the highest salary income for the IPL. This cricketer is a brilliant all-rounder who stands out in batting, bowling, and fielding sceneries. A tactical left-handed batsman who can bat according to the scenario of the game. He can play many hats, like turning the ball remarkably when he is bowling, and he even excels in the fielding category in cricket. His impressive playing competencies make him a proficient batsman, precise bowler, and phenomenal fielder. Jadeja is already a complete package in his overall abilities.

Rishabh Pant (INR 16.00 crores / Delhi Capitals)

Pant is an Indian cricketer who placed eight places in the IPL players salary amount. This player is not only a wicketkeeper and batsman in the IPL tournament, but he is also an existing captain for Delhi Capitals. His adaptability in the different roles only proves how committed he is when playing cricket on the field and his excellence as a cricketer. Overall, Pant is an exceptional player who can show batting and wicket-keeping skills to his Indian team. Surely, his competencies will evolve as he possesses different many great talents.

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Rohit Sharma (INR 16.00 crores / Mumbai Indians)

Sharma is a legendary Indian cricketer and one of the most exceptional batsmen in the cricket sport. Being on our list of the most expensive players in IPL only testifies to how massive his talents are. He is a record-breaker and possesses outstanding batting records in his pocket. With his entire IPL journey, he becomes one of the most successful captains in IPL securing Mumbai Indians for its five IPL titles. Ultimately, Sharma is a cricketing icon due to his outstanding achievements, awards, and leadership qualities. These competencies have certified his place as a stellar in cricket sport. 

Ishan Kishan (INR 15.25 crores / Mumbai Indians)

Kishan is a rising cricket player in the IPL and in tenth place in terms of IPL players salary amount. His promising batting and wicket-keeping skills prove how great his overall playing performances are. His batting prowess is phenomenal across different formats. He provides quick scoring runs to his IPL team and builds motion on any game he faces. Overall, his assertive batting abilities and great wicket-keeping performances prove how impressive will be his future. He is without a doubt a cricket player that is worth checking when playing in any cricket tournament due to his promising cricketing talents.

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These top earners in the IPL tournament are not only about how high their salaries are. These cricketers already prove themselves through their playing performances and the services they provide to their teams, especially in cricket matches. They are game-changers, star players, match-winners, phenomenal players, and many more. Therefore, having paid a high sum of salaries only equates to how impressive players they are on the cricket field. Since they are the ones who ignite and bring limelight to every cricket tournament held in India. These top-earner players bring cricket fans together worldwide by watching them perform and play on the field. In that regard, we should not give issues on how much they earned as their compensations are matched to their overall competencies and abilities in the world of cricket sport.

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