IPL Winners List 2008-2023: A Complete Guide to Championship Teams

List of IPL winners 2008 to 2023:

Indian Premier League is one of the biggest cricket competitions and events in India. It has been 16 years exactly since this coming March 22 and IPL still surging in popularity and cricket followers. IPL continues making a name in the world, with their exceptional IPL teams. From 2008 up to 2024, all the list of IPL teams are fighting for the trophy of success, doing their best to outperform their opposing teams simply for the IPL title.

In connection with that, we aim to take you on a journey by going back to the past and honoring the past IPL winners from 2008 to 2023 list. This list will pay tribute to and remember the previous winners in the said IPL tournament of India.

Rajasthan Royals (2008)

2008 is the first season of IPL, where the Rajasthan Royals appeared triumphant after overcoming the Chennai Super Kings in a suspense final. The Rajasthan Royals at first were an underdog in the beginning but flourished to be successful at the end of the IPL 2008 tournament. With such an unexpected win, the success story of Rajasthan Royals is because of their team lead Rajasthan Royals. As a result, their winning led them to their IPL prize money which happens to be 4.8 crore. Overall, the Rajasthan Royals would not have been a winner in IPL 2008 without team tactical execution and strong will to win.

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Deccan Chargers (2009)

2009 is the second year for the IPL tournament since 2008 success. Deccan Chargers made an exceptional cricket playing and secured the 2009 IPL trophy in a hard-earned performance. The Deccan Chargers will not surpass all the IPL matches without their top-notch cricketers such as Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds who demonstrate powerful cricket playing skills. With the success of Deccan Chargers comes their IPL prize money of 4.8 crores, the same as the 2008 season-winning prize.

Chennai Super Kings (2010)

2010 is the third season of the IPL and in this tournament is the first captaincy of MS Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings. In his direction to lead the team, comes the success of winning the first IPL title of Chennai Super Kings. All thanks to the great leadership of MS Dhoni and the team’s superb cricket playing performances, Chennai Super Kings beat the Mumbai Indians in the championship. Therefore, this success only secured them an IPL prize money amounting to 10 crores.

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Chennai Super Kings (2011)

In 2011, Chennai Super Kings proved how strong they are as the current defending champion. As a result, this IPL team has reigned again as the champion in IPL 2011. Once again, the Chennai Super Kings was under MS Dhoni’s leadership which led to its success. The Chennai Super Kings displayed stability and grit to gain success in the finals, beating Royal Challengers Bangalore in the end. Paves the way to earn an IPL prize of 10 crore.

Kolkata Knight Riders (2012)

2012 was the year for Kolkata Knight Riders, as they earned their championship in that season. Gautam Gambhir led their team which paved the way for their strong performances, overcoming the Chennai Super Kings powerhouse team. After not winning in previous IPL seasons, 2012 for Kolkata Knight Riders is their year to get their first IPL trophy. Therefore, they get to win an IPL prize amounting to 10 crores.

Mumbai Indians (2013)

In 2013, Mumbai Indians started to get known by winning the IPL championship. The Mumbai Indians team has delivered a magnificent cricket playing prowess, allowing them to win over the   Chennai Super Kings, earning their initial first IPL victory. The success of Mumbai Indians has been led by its captain Rohit Sharma and this team has begun to dominate the IPL scene. Their first IPL title only leads them to their first IPL prize money of 10 crores.

Kolkata Knight Riders (2014)

Kolkata Knight Riders again was crowned as the IPL champion in 2014. This would be their second trophy for winning the IPL tournament and under again by its captain, Gambhir. Kolkata Knight Riders has demonstrated a great team effort and strong cricket playing skills. As a result, they beat the Kings XI Punjab in the end, placing them as real champions once more in the IPL. Their second win has just given them a winning IPL prize of 15 crore.

Mumbai Indians (2015)

Mumbai Indians regained another IPL title in 2015. This team is showing dominance in the IPL playing field by pulling out great cricket performances in most IPL seasons. From impressive players, great captain, Rohit Sharma, and strategic approach, this team is one of the impressive ones in the IPL tournament. Therefore, Mumbai Indians beat down the Chennai Super Kings and became the top winner in the finals. The Mumbai Indians have won an IPL prize amounting to 15 crores.

Sunrisers Hyderabad (2016)

In the IPL 2016 season, the Sunrisers Hyderabad made it far and won their first championship. Sunrisers Hyderabad displayed great playing performances and willpower to overcome every match they faced in the IPL 2016 tournament. Making them part of the IPL winners 2008 to 2023 list by defeating the Royal Challengers Bangalore with a great ending score. Therefore, this win has given them an IPL prize of 20 crore.

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Mumbai Indians (2017)

Mumbai Indians have been consistent in winning IPL titles. In IPL 2017, this IPL team won it again for the third occasion. From Rohit Sharma’s smart leadership and great group members, this IPL team has won over the Rising Pune Supergiant leading them to the IPL trophy. As a result, this triumph has only paved the way to their IPL prize money of 20 crore.

Chennai Super Kings (2018)

Chennai Super Kings has returned from the IPL scene after a two-year break. This team’s return does not stop them from overcoming the IPL obstacles but only proves they are unbreakable. As a result, they won the IPL title in 2018 by overcoming the Sunrisers Hyderabad in an exciting end. From the Chennai Super Kings’ return, Dhoni’s excellent leadership and great team members helped the team win the IPL championship in 2018. Therefore, this win makes this team part of the IPL winners 2008 to 2023 list and get an IPL prize of 20 crore.

Mumbai Indians (2019)

The Mumbai Indian is consistent in getting IPL trophies. For the fourth time, they won another IPL title in 2019. This IPL team led by Rohit Sharma has shown great determination and impressive playing performances to overcome Chennai Super Kings. CSK and MI have encountered a face-to-face encounter this time, and MI has proven who deserves to get the IPL title. As a result, they get an IPL prize amounting to 20 crores for being the winning IPL champion.

Mumbai Indians (2020)

Mumbai Indians have won several IPL titles and already surpassed the count of Chennai Super Kings champions. There is no denying how well-performed the Mumbai Indians team members, added by Rohit Sharma’s captainship, this team is beyond greatness. In IPL 2020, Mumbai Indians have outshined in finals the Delhi Capitals, proving they are the most winning team in the IPL tournament so far. Through such winning, this team got a winning prize of 10 crore.

Chennai Super Kings (2021)

Chennai Super Kings are getting consistent now as they persist to make a great performance in IPL. This only be proven by winning another IPL title in 2021 for the fourth time. Their success has continued, and their success was led by their all-time captain, Dhoni. The Chennai Super Kings delivered strong team spirit and willpower to get another IPL championship beating the Kolkata Knight Riders in the finals to confirm their position as one of the best teams in IPL today. They just won another IPL prize of 20 crore this time around.

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Gujarat Giants (2022)

Gujarat Giants is a strong contender in IPL 2022 season. By saying that, this IPL team had only won their first championship in their inaugural game. They only beat down the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL finals by the great leadership of Hardik Pandya. As a result, they just won a winning prize of 20 crore.

Chennai Super Kings (2023)

Many are expecting that 2023 is MS Dhoni’s final IPL tournament. This paved the way for the Chennai Super Kings to win another IPL title for the fifth time already. Their success and Mumbai Indians in terms of winning IPL trophies are already equal. However, MS Dhoni will be staying another year in IPL this 2024 year and promises to return to the IPL scene once more. In their 2023 win, Chennai Super Kings got a winning IPL prize of 20 crore.


There you have it an extensive list of IPL winners 2008 to 2023 .IPL winners from 2008 to 2023 display great playing skills, strong will, and determination to overcome the hurdles in participating at IPL. Their wins are a symbol that everything is possible if there is passion and the driving force to succeed against the odds in playing cricket sport. Indeed, the IPL tournament is one way for each IPL team to demonstrate their worth in playing cricket. And winning is a representation of how great a team and cricket players they are.

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