Is IPL Betting Legally Allowed in India?

IPL Betting

Cricket is undeniably one of the favorite games of most Indian people. In addition, IPL (Indian premiere league) is the most awaited event in India. This event unarguably brings the entire country together. Apart from its popularity, it is also famous for Betting and is widely regarded as the first betting league in India. Since IPL Betting is more and more popular, the country is full of more than a billion people that place on the outcome of IPL matches.

Statistics show that placing bets during this event is substantially more than bets placed on crickets throughout the year. However, many people are still unaware of the legality of betting on IPL matches. Betting on IPL events is legal in India. Anyone can place bet online at Indian bookies and various regular events. It is a fact that this country is the home of over a billion people. In addition, it is a country where cricket is considered a form of great entertainment. In this article, you will learn about the legality of betting on IPL in India. 

The Legality of IPL Betting in India:

Apart from viewership, the IPL is also famous for Betting. This event considers the pioneer of sports Betting in India. In the country, online IPL Betting is completely legal under the eyes of the law. It is because the Public Gambling Act India of 1867 states that land betting is completely illegal, but there is not any specific law for online sports Betting in India. The online betting laws are still vague.

It will make online Betting on IPL and gambling in India legal. Betting on IPL over the internet is legally allowed for people above 18 years. Moreover, the Indian government permits individual states to adopt this law. It will create a grey area for both online Betting on IPL. So, online Betting on this great event is legal in those states that have not made laws banning online gambling. Although, this will also provide opportunities for untrustworthy and unlicensed websites to scam people and steal their data. To avoid falling into this trap and stay on the right side of the law to bet on IPL, here are some important considerations you need to consider.

Check State Gambling Laws:

It is good to check state gambling laws before starting your online IPL Betting journey. Some people are unaware of the legality of Betting in India. It will discourage many people from gambling altogether, while others rightly assume that wagering on IPL matches is legal, offline or online. Many people bet offline on IPL through local bookies in India. While others bet online using sports Betting websites. 

Don’t forget that the Public Gambling Act prohibits all types of gambling in a public gambling house. It means that offline Betting is completely illegal in the country. Anyone indulging in betting at a physical establishment can face legal action. On the other hand, there are no specific laws regarding online Betting. In addition, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are two states of India that have harsh laws for online Betting, while Sikkim permits online Betting, and this state also has land-based casinos.

Location of the IPL Betting Website:

It is the first and most important thing that you need to take into consideration. Find an online sports book that is based outside the Indian borders. Many online IPL Betting sites are based outside Indian borders. Therefore, gambling on IPL using those sites is completely legal. 

Data security and Taxes:

Some online betting platforms need personal data for verification. However, no one will have access to your data, including online betting sites or the government. Apart from this, you must pay taxes if you win money through online IPL Betting. You should report the amount your get from online Betting when submitting your taxes. It helps to prove that the betting site is legitimate and is legally allowed to operate in your region.

Must Accept Indian Currency:

It is also important when looking for a legitimate online gambling site to bet on IPL. The Federal Exchange Management Act states that exchanging Indian currency for any foreign currency outside a bank or currency exchange bureau is illegal. Therefore, online betting sites must accept Indian currency as the payment option for IPL Betting. It will allow you to deposit using the easiest and most suitable payment methods.


Federal Indian law deems online Betting on the IPL legally offered bettors do it on online sites outside India. In addition to this, the Indian government also allows individual states to have their betting laws. So, IPL Betting allows in India when you are using international gambling sites or live in a state where gambling is legal.

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