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JeetWin Cricket Betting

Let us start with the obvious: Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The first recorded match was in 1721 which means that the country has been enjoying cricket for over 300 years. Whenever there is a Big Match like IPL or India vs Pakistan, over 400 million people or 1/3rd of Indian population tune in to watch the game. Many of the Indians love to bet on cricket matches and that is what we will discuss today.

What to Bet on:

That’s the most interesting part about betting in a cricket game. You can bet on nearly everything, from winning or losing a match to even a toss. You can bet on the highest score hit by a player or the highest wickets by a baller in a particular match. You can even bet on the score hit in a particular over or a number of No Balls in it. This aspect of being able to bet on a wide variety of things is what makes Cricket Betting so popular in India.

Where to place your Bets:

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, running a gambling house or placing bets in them is illegal. But when it comes to online booking, there are no governing laws especially if the booking sites are operating outside of Indian jurisdiction. This is the reason, most of the betting is done online and rightly so.
There are a number of Betting sites on which you can place Cricket Bets while sitting in India but one of the largest and most popular sites is JeetWin. JeetWin  is exclusively an Indian site and extremely popular for Cricket Betting. The best part is that they are sensitive to the problems of locals when it comes to online betting and they will go out of the way to help you out in case of any queries. Some of the key features why you should use JeetWin for your Cricket betting are as follows:

  1. The site targets Indian players and is located in India.
  2. It provides you with one of the largest welcome bonuses available upon sign up.
  3. Customers have the option to choose from multiple deposit methods.
  4. Their support is quick and helpful.
  5. It supports INR and even local bank transfers.
  6. A welcome bonus of INR 20,000 which is very hard to beat.

In general, when placing a bet from India, players have the option to use payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit cards and even E-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.
In order to withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to provide some additional details about yourself on most websites. These include driver’s license, utility bill or bank statement. But don’t worry, this verification is only required if you’re withdrawing winnings for the very first time. And this is done to avoid money laundering and to ensure that you’re actually the person placing the bets.
Anyways, before you place any bets, you should have a clear idea of what Betting Odds are in order to get the most out of your betting.

Betting Odds:

Odd is the likelihood of an event to occur and so betting odd tells you how likely you’re to win on a bet in Cricket Match. Understanding the betting odds will define how much money you’re going to win. It not only reflects if you’re going to win or not but also estimates how much money you’re going to win. Let us see how betting odds work.

Most of the sites including JeetWin, display the betting odds in terms of fractions. For example, 9.0 or 1.25. In order to calculate how much money, you are going to win based on the fraction, use the following method: • 9.0 can be calculated as (9.0 * Rs.10 stake) – Rs.10 stake = Rs.80 winnings. • 1.25 can be calculated as (1.25*Rs.10 stake) – Rs.10 stake = Rs.2.50 winnings.
If there is a Cricket Match between India and Australia and the betting odds for India are 1.66 then it means that if you place a bet of Rs.1000 on India and India beats Australia, then you’ll win (1.66 * 1000) Rs.1660.

Now, that you know how betting odds work, you’re in a better position to place your first bet online. Just keep in mind, that higher the chances of winning, the lower the amount of money you win (in most cases). However, if you use Jeetwin then you’re sure to find the best betting rates and odds for different Cricket matches and larger events like Indian Premier League. This increases the amount of money you win on your bets and even the chances of winning at the same time. Good luck with your future betting!

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