Point Spread Betting: What is it and How Does it Work?

Point Spread Betting

Sports betting is growing both in the number of exit markets and with new intricate like players pros and live betting. Every sportsbook offers three common types of bets for every game, match, or event that post on the betting board. These will include money lines, totals, and point spread betting. However, point spread is one of the most popular types among all sports bettors.

This betting type has its allure. It gives the simplicity of the wager type and the ease of following along during a game in the context of each spread bet. You are simply betting on a winning margin when you make this bet. So, if you want to make a point spread bet and need clarification about where to start, don’t worry. This article will give you everything you need to know about the point spread. 

Point Spread Betting Explain:

When two teams face off, one side typically has better odds of winning than the other. It is the favorite team, and most people want to bet on it. However, it is a fact that if everyone bets on the same team to win, sportsbooks risk huge amounts of losses. It is why sportsbooks try to get equal action on both sides of every wager. In this way, they ensure to make a profit from the vig. They charge without taking into count which team wins. Point spread betting makes both teams equally attractive. 

The dominant team needs to win by a certain number of goals or points. They also allow the underdogs to lose by that number of points and still pay out if you place a bet on them. Choosing between both teams is more like having a 50/50 coin toss. This type of betting has been used since 1940. It is common in all leagues, like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and soccer. The three major components of point spread bet are as follows:

  • The actual point spread
  • The favorite
  • The Underdog

The Actual Point Spread:

The number of scoring units represents the projected margin of victory for the favorite over the underdog. However, the spread can widely range from sport to sport and event to event. Moreover, home-field benefits incorporate point spread betting. The customary advancement of the point spread is anywhere from 0 to 3 points. It will depend on the performance track record of the team at home.

The Favorite:

It is the team that is more likely to win the overall event. With a $100 betting unit, you must bet the amount listed to win$100. If your bet wins, the sportsbook will pay you $210. It is the stake and the win. Bettors who choose the favorite win their bet when that team wins by an amount more than a point spread. Remember that a favorite always represents a minus sign.

The Underdog:

It is the team that considers being less likely to win. For point spread betting, the value of the point spread includes the team’s total as part of the bet. Bettors who choose this option win their bet when that team either wins the event. In addition, another case is that the team loses by an amount lower than the point spread. 

How to Point Spread Betting Work?

Point Spread obtains or offers additional points than the actual game score. It will make Point Spread Betting an even playing field. For example, in the NZFL, the Los Angeles Rams play host to the New England Patriots. If you choose a winner of the game, you choose Matthew Stafford and the Rams. However, what happens if the Patriots give 7 additional points to start the game? It is the place where point spread starts working. It will make the game matchup and NFL betting odds more balance. In the above example, the point spread BNFL line is like this:

  • New England Patriots (+7) -110
  • Los Angeles Rams (-7) -110

If you choose the Rams to win on the money line, these odds might be -280. You don’t need to bet $280 to win $100 in profit. Using point spread bet, both teams can bet at -10 odds, in which a $110 ticket provides $100 in profit for correctly winnings point spread bet. 


Point spread bets are a very popular form of betting. Especially basketball and football are the two major sports of point spread betting. It is because these two sports score points throughout the game more than in other sports. The above article helps you understand the point spread bet and how they work.

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