Positive Takeaways If an Underdog Wins Over Your Favorite

Positive Takeaways If an Underdog Wins Over Your Favorite

The world of betting is as unpredictable as it gets. Nobody can certainly tell who is going to win and there’s always a chance that you might lose. It’s the thrill of that uncertainty and luck that makes betting so popular. If you are a sports bettor, you will know that nothing is written in stone. Even the most calculated bets have huge risks of resulting in a loss. So here are a few positive takeaways when your favorite loses against an underdog.

For the uninitiated, favorite and underdog are two popular terms used in betting. The favorite is the team or player that has had a series of wins in the tournament previously. People think of them as the strong opponent. Whereas underdogs are any team or player that plays against the favorites. Making them less likely to win. But betting on favorites doesn’t ensure a win because sometimes underdogs take the match home. But it’s not all gloomy, because there are a bunch of positives about an underdog winning.

It’s an Exception, Not a Rule

If an underdog obliterates your favorite in a game, it’s important to remember that it’s an exception to the usual outcome. In betting, you have no surefire way of telling which side is going to end up as the victor and thus it’s always risky. You already knew that when you made the bet in the first place. There is a possibility that the favorite will again win the next few games in a row. That’s what usually happens. Underdog teams might win a game or two, making you lose money, but the smart choice is to still go for the favorite. You might lose some money but it’s all part of the game.

It’s Not All Under Your Control

If you lose a few bets consecutively, it makes you too confident. This makes you more reckless while betting again. While betting, one should never be reckless. For example, if you keep betting for the favorite and win without considering other factors, it becomes too risky. That’s why one loss against an underdog is a surefire way to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the game. This will certainly make you more cautious while betting in the future. And you will take into consideration every aspect of a game before making a bet in the future. Which will make you less prone to losing.

A Great Story for the Future

If there is one thing people love in this world, it’s an underdog win. Maybe you lost your money to a small team, but if you leave out that part of the story, it becomes a heroic tale. You can tell people how this small team, the dark horse beat the favorite in a riveting game. How it made you sit at the edge of your chair and bite your nails. It always makes for a great story and it’s a crowd-pleaser. It’s always a fond memory because no matter how much we want to win, we always end up rooting for the small team a little bit.

A Theory You Can Apply to Your Life

Betting is like life, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Everything can go wrong and maybe one thing will go right in the end that will make it all better. It doesn’t matter how much you want something to come true, it might not happen. On the other hand, you might think everything is going wrong at some point but you end up winning. The momentum of the game is similar to that of life. It changes way too quickly and you don’t know the result until it’s over. An underdog win will always remind you that nothing is fixed and you have to work hard until you know the result.


These are a few life lessons you can learn from an underdog win. It teaches you humility. It tells you to take everything in your stride and move on. When you make a bet, you always run the risk of losing, but be happy that you made the rational bet. One misfortune doesn’t make you a bad bettor just like it doesn’t make your favorite a bad team/player.

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