Pro Tips On How To Get Back To Winning After Losing Streaks In Sports Betting

Pro Tips On How To Get Back To Winning After Losing Streaks In Sports Betting

Winning and losing are a part of sports betting. For some, this is precisely what makes the game so thrilling. This is a form of betting where you have to rely on strategies and research completely, as you have no direct control over the game. This is why the margin between winning and losing is a very small one when it comes to sports betting. What makes someone a winning sports bettor is being on the right side of that margin, however small it might be. Because this is a field where you rarely hear someone boasting about 65% or 75% profits. Mostly, being about 53% is considered a win. 

For that reason, getting stuck on a losing streak is that much easier. Although it might seem very concerning, you have to understand that it happens to the best of sports bettors. The key is to bounce back from it faster and better than ever. This is why here we are going to discuss some methods you can use to help you along the way to bounce back from a losing streak in sports betting. Please read the whole article to learn more.

Start by decreasing your standard bet

This might seem like a bad idea, but honestly, this is one of the best ways to get back in the game. When you enter a losing streak, your bankroll automatically decreases. When that happens, your bet size should decrease too. It can minimize your losses and help you get back the confidence you might be losing along the way. A lot of people drastically increase their bet size when they enter a losing streak in hopes of getting back their profits at one go. This can turn harmful if you lose your increased bet size as well. So start by decreasing your bet size and when you start winning again, you can increase it anytime you want.

Look for a fresh approach

Getting stuck in a losing streak might be the best time to look for a fresh approach to the game. You can take a step back and analyze why it is you are losing and take methods according to it. Also, start looking into new sportsbooks in the meantime. It will earn you a double advantage this way. One is getting a welcome bonus and finding new bets that will suit you more. Another thing you can do is start looking into different sports. You might find one where you can exercise your skills better this way.

Take some time off

Whenever you enter a losing streak, one of the best things you can do is to take some time off. This way you can get away from the nerve-wracking stress for some time. This helps a lot of people. You can take that time to study the game and strategies a bit further. This way, you will get back to it better and sharper than ever.

Look for profitable situations

This is something that professional gamblers are masters at. Looking for profitable situations does not always have to be with a set sportsbook. The best way to go about it is to look for opportunities with your acquaintances. This way the vig line gets smaller, which automatically means more profit. You can also set terms yourself that everybody agrees on. 

Parlays are not an alternative to gain back losses

Chasing your losses is the worst thing you can do when going through a losing streak. Essentially if you try to do it at once with a big shot at parlays. Although they do pay out hugely, they take a lot more precision to land properly. Now, if you are already having trouble winning one game at a time, the chances of you winning a 3 or 5 game parlay are less than none. You are only going to get yourself in bigger trouble this way.

Research more

As we mentioned before, getting stuck on a losing streak is the best time to take a step back. Take this time to research and study the game and strategies properly. This will not only help you to get back on a winning streak but also help you become a pro sports bettor in the long run. 


A losing streak can shake anyone’s confidence. The key is to stay positive and not lose hope. Look into some other hobbies in the meantime, or find another sport that might suit you more. Other than that, follow these steps and prepare to the best of your abilities. If you keep pushing forward through difficulties you will become a pro sports bettor in no time at all.

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