Rohit Sharma’s IPL 2024 Price: What It Reveals About Franchise Strategies?

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Once again, it is the season for IPL 2024 and Auction has just been held on December 19, 2023. Ever since the auction started for IPL, it has been a yearly event held for this important occasion. Cricket players were auctioned to several franchisees, and this led to IPL franchises making aggressive bids for the listed players. At the end of the auction, every IPL team’s squad is settled and confirmed. Among the many cricket players out there that can be auctioned is Rohit Sharma.

He is one of the most successful IPL players today in India, and Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 price is 16 Crore INR. Placing him as one of the highest-paid cricket players as of today. Despite his price tag being one of the highest, this key player in Mumbai Indians will not leave for the moment. He will play as a batsman on the said team.

The IPL 2024 Auction Dynamics

The IPL auction process begins with cricket players sorted into 19 different groups based on their expertise, such as bowlers, wicketkeepers, and many others. Cricket teams will asked to submit a list of layers for bidding in the IPL 2024 auction. Only the participants chosen for bidding will fall will face the auction. As a result, people who are not on the franchisees’ list will not be eligible to bid for the event. Many players registered for the IPL 2024 auction. Only 333 of 1166 players were chosen, with 214 being Indians and 119 being foreign players based on

The event of the IPL 2024 auction has led to a bidding war among the top players of cricket sport. There have been the top 6 expensive players who went after a bidding war, and they are the following names:

  • Mitchell Starc – Kolkata Knight Riders – Rs 24.75 Crore,
  • Pat Cummins – Sunrisers Hyderabad – Rs 20.50 Crore
  • Daryl Mitchell – Chennai Super Kings – Rs 14 Crore
  • Harshal Patel – Punjab Kings – Rs 11.75 Crore,
  • Alzarri Joseph – Royal Challengers Bangalore – Rs 11.50 Crore
  • Spencer Johnson – Gujarat Titans – Rs 10 Crore.

There have been many highlights in the IPL 2024 auction, and they are the following bullet points. Mitchell Starc overshadowed his Australian bowling colleague Pat Cummins to become the most expensive buy in IPL history. That, with an eye-exploding price of Rs 24.75 crore. While Sameer Rizvi of Uttar Pradesh was enlisted by Chennai Super Kings for Rs 8.40 crore. Lastly, Kumar Kushagra is officially part of Delhi Capitals after spending Rs 7.20 crore.

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Rohit Sharma’s IPL 2024 Price Analysis

Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 price list is falling under the 16 Crore INR. This IPL 2024 price of Sharma is one of the immense ones. But stays in the same price tag in the IPL 2023 season. It makes him among the most expensive cricket players in IPL history today alongside MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and other high-playing players. Sharma’s price tag for him is well-deserved due to his successful playing performance in the IPL. He has been a true scorer in the said sports event and one of the run-scorers and run-getters in the IPL seasons. His continuous and record-breaking playing prowess has earned him the distinction as one of the most in-demand players in the IPL Auction today.

His previous performances such as being the lead captain of Mumbai Indians for five straight years is one of his biggest achievements. It has led him to score significantly even in T20 internationals as well. Rohit Sharma’s scoring attributes prove his consistency as a top cricket player and a captain. However, in IPL 2024 matches, Rohit Sharma has been replaced as team captain by Hardik Pandya in the Mumbai Indians Team. It gives way to Sharma’s focus on his batting prowess when the IPL matches begin to unfold this March 2024.

Franchise Strategies Unveiled

As mentioned earlier, Mumbai Indians Cricket Team did not put Rohit Sharma on their bidding list of cricket players. They intended to keep the superstar cricket player on their best team. The change in the Mumbai Indian Captain Team has led to a shock to most cricket fans. Still, the bidding for Rohit Sharma might happen in IPL 2025 and not in the 2024 edition. Mumbai Indians keep their top players like Rohit Sharma in the IPL 2024 series of matches. It can be one of the franchise strategies of Mumbai Indians, and we can only assume for less.

There should be great strategies to employ under IPL auction in terms of budget constraints and player priorities. Here, we are giving some groundbreaking recommendations that should be part of these areas. To begin with, when we talk about price points when bidding in an IPL player’s auction, the players’ skills, performances, and experiences should be well-considered, reasonably priced, and within budget constraints. Through those elements, a cricket player’s price tag can be competitive and fairly valued in the IPL market. Secondly, a player’s priorities should focus on long-term goals, strengths, and improvements upon joining an IPL Team. Ultimately, all the best results can be achieved once players’ tag price is fairly figured out, and their playing priorities align the same way.

Furthermore, long-term goals and preparation should be done far before the IPL 2024 season begins. Implementing talent development and strengthening teamwork among cricket team players should be successfully undertaken in all aspects to have harmonious relationships. Franchise teams in cricket can do team-building exercises to promote a healthy playing atmosphere and strengthen ties among their lineup of cricket players.

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Rohit Sharma’s IPL 2024 Price Implications

Mumbai Indians maintained Rohit Sharma for a whopping Rs 16 crore in terms of his price tag. However, to captainship, Rohit Sharma will no longer have this role in the Mumbai Indians Team in this coming 2024 IPL season. It led to speculations about how Rohit Sharma will impact the team dynamics and performance. However, during Mumbai Indians tell us that despite being replaced as captain of the team. Rohit Sharma can now remove the burden of captainship and allow him to play effectively and at liberty in IPL matches.

Mumbai Indians highlight that Rohit has struggled to remain consistent in the recent IPL seasons. Despite having fantastic score records of cricket performances at IPL. For Rohit Sharma’s price tag, Mumbai Indians expect that removing his captainship role will give him the freedom to be a great cricket player. They believe that it will make him the best player without shouldering the captain role for the said team.

Based on, Chennai Super Kings is one of the leading contenders to defend their IPL title. All because of the CSK team’s leader, MS Dhoni who will lead the team to possible success. Their rivals, the Mumbai Indians, are also heavy favorites to win the title, and their match might be the best in IPL history. However, Sunrisers Hyderabad cricket team is not likely to win the IPL 2024 season.


There have been some changes in Rohit Sharma’s role in the coming IPL 2024. However, Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 price remains consistent with last year’s record. With all the factors that changed, including his role in the Mumbai Indians team, one thing remains the same. He will stay part of the said team. There would be no changes in his price point. He still receives the same amount even though he does not play a captain role in MI. Still, Rohit Sharma is one of the biggest and highest-paid cricketers of all time in IPL history in India today.

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