Sania Mirza, India’s Best Tennis Athlete

Read about Sania Mirza, India's best tennis sport athlete.

Tennis as a Sport

Tennis is a noble sport. For the longest time, only the elite and the rich indulge in its beauty as it often requires a lot of money and influence. Considering that only up to four people at a time may play, it is understandable why many would rather play group games such as football or cricket. However, there are some Indian athletes which proved tennis is for all. Meet Sania Mirza, the biggest tennis star India has ever seen… yet. The sport star received almost there is to achieve in a professional tennis career. But she’s more than that. Sania Mirza is an icon, a role model, and an inspiration. Today, we look at Sania Mirza’s life, career, and legacy.


Sania Mirza hails from Mumbai where she was born on 15 November 1986. Her sports journalist father and a businesswoman mother raised her in a religious Sunni Muslim upbringing. When she was six, she took up tennis and never looked back. Her father and Roger Anderson served as her first tennis coaches.

Nasr School, Mirza’s alma mater, supported her dream of becoming a professional tennis player. She then moved to and graduated from St. Mary’s College and subsequently got her doctoral degree from the MGR Educational and Research Institute.


At the age of 17, Mirza turned into a junior professional tennis athlete, winning 10 singles and 13 doubles titles. These include a Wimbledon title—the oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the whole world. Winning numerous awards at such an early age gave way to more opportunities. She was even given a wild card to play in the WTA tournament.

In 2006, at the Australian Open, Sania Mirza became the first female Indian to be seeded in a grand slam event. She would then move on to play in the Dubai Tennis Championship, the French Open, DFS Classic, Cincinnati Masters, Acura Class, and the US Open, among others.

At the 2015-2016 season, Mirza attained the World’s Number 1 ranking in the doubles category after a series of successful tournaments with Martina Hingis.

Notable Awards in Tennis Sport

Sania Mirza’s professional record proves too many to mention. For this list, we look at her Grand Slam finals results. She won with Martina Hingis at the 2015 Wimbledon, 2015 US Open, and the 2016 Australian Open.

In mixed doubles category, she won the 2009 Australian Open and the 2012 French Open, both with partner Mahesh Bhupathi, and the 2014 US Open with Bruno Soares.

In addition, she placed as a runner up in other numerous French Open and Australian Open tournaments.


For her hard work and achievements, Mirza is one of the most cited Indian athletes that inspire not only the next generation athletes but the veterans and the older generations as well. She recently publish an autobiography titled “Ace Against Odds” which detailed her incredible journey from a girl who dreamed to the top Indian player and one of the world’s best.

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