The Sixer Kings: Records of Most Sixes in International Cricket

Discover who has most sixes in t20 international cricket?

Sixes in cricket are more than just a numbers, it is a game changer. It transforms the cricket game and impacts it significantly. Therefore, a precise strike that soars over the boundary for maximum runs is more than just a source of entertainment for cricket fans. It is also a tactical weapon and a symbol of power hitting to get wins in the cricket game. But how exactly do sixes influence a sport like cricket? In this guide, we will answer it, so let us delve into its significance and its impact on the fast-paced formats of T20 and ODI Cricket. Also, who has the most sixes in t20 international cricket? Also read about most centuries in T20 international cricket. 

What is T20 International Cricket?

The T20 International Cricket, often called T20I, is the shortest format of international cricket matches. It is played between national teams that are all members of the ICC. Here, each team gets 20 overs to bat, and this makes the T20I a fast-paced and action-packed format of a cricket game. Due to the limited-overs, the emphasis in T20Is is on scoring runs rapidly. Batsmen often employ aggressive strokes and power-hitting to maximize runs. Therefore, this means that T20I cricket is intended to deliver an exciting and thrilling game for all its viewers.

Most Sixes in T20 International Cricket 

Rohit Sharma (India):

The “Hitman” of Indian cricket leads the league with the highest number of sixes in T20 Internationals. In his current playing record, he has already struck 190 sixes and played 472 matches. Overall, he is the best example of an exceptional six-hitter in a sport like cricket and that is notable.

Martin Guptill (New Zealand):

The destructive New Zealand opener is a six-hitting machine and sits at number two on the list of those who have the most sixes in T20 International Cricket. Guptill hit a total of 173 sixes and played 79 matches. Nevertheless, he has shown exceptional innings over the years in playing cricket, and that is remarkable.

Glenn Maxwell (Australia):

This cricketer is an all-rounder and among the most exciting batters in T20Is. So far, he has already amassed 127 sixes and has played over 106 matches based on his playing records. Nevertheless, there is more to see and expect from Maxwell as he reached the number three spot among players who have the most sixes in T20 International Cricket.

Aaron Finch (Australia):

The Australian captain and aggressive batsman features at number four spot with a significant number of sixes in T20I cricket. As of today, Finch has attained a total of 125 sixes in T20Is and played over 103 matches. Overall, Finch has an impressive playing record in T20Is, and one best example is being in our list of the most sixes in T20 International Cricket. 

Chris Gayle (West Indies):

The legendary “Universe Boss” is known for his explosive batting and holds the fifth spot for most sixes in T20 International Cricket. So far, he has achieved 124 sixes and played 483 matches according to his records.  Ultimately, he has this power-hitting ability that is hard to beat. That alone is an impressive ability for a cricket player.

Comparison between T20Is and ODIs

T20Is, the shortest format, with only 20 overs per side, batsmen in T20Is prioritize maximizing scoring opportunities. They are more likely to go for big shots, increasing the chances of hitting sixes.  Therefore, these matches are noted for being fast-paced and spectacular, providing spectators all around the world with hours of enjoyment. T20Is have grown in popularity due to their shorter duration and high-scoring games, which draw a larger audience. The shorter format incentivizes batsmen to take calculated risks from the outset.  Thus, leading to a higher rate of sixes per over when compared to ODIs.

ODIs have 50 overs per side, compared to 20 overs in T20Is. This means there are more balls for batsmen to target for sixes, potentially leading to a higher overall number of sixes in a match. With more overs, ODIs provide more overall sixes in a match because of the sheer number of deliveries bowled.

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Impact of Big Hitters 

In this section, we are going to list the influence of power hitters on international cricket. Let us first discuss the impact of T20Is, then next the ODIs.


Faster Scoring Rates: Since T20Is focus on quick scoring, this makes power hitters invaluable assets. They can rapidly increase their run rate by hitting sixes and boundaries, putting pressure on the rival team.

Shifting Batting Strategies: The success of power hitters can cause changes in batting approaches. Teams in cricket games now prioritize aggressive Strokeplay and maximizing runs from each ball, with six hitting becoming a key element of the strategy.

Game Changer: Power hitters can change the course of a T20I match with a burst of sixes. This unpredictability keeps matches exciting and audience engagement high.


Pace of the Game: The threat of sixes has driven bowlers to adopt variations in pace, spin, and deliveries. Therefore, this constant battle between power hitters and bowlers adds dynamism to ODI cricket.

High Scoring: The ability of power hitters to score boundaries faster has contributed to a rise in high-scoring ODI matches.

Overall, power hitters have become a force to be accounted for in international cricket. They have redefined batting strategies, shaped match dynamics, and added a layer of excitement to the shorter formats of cricket games.

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Rohit Sharma: Total Sixes Across T20Is 

Rohit Sharma, often regarded as the “Hitman,” is an influential force in T20 International cricket, respected for his aggressive batting style and record-breaking six-hitting prowess. Sharma has carved a position for himself in T20Is. He becomes the current leader in the most sixes hit in this cricket format, surpassing legends like Chris Gayle. 

Undeniably, Rohit Sharma has always provided impactful performances in T20I matches, scoring big runs and leading India to numerous victories.  Rohit Sharma’s six-hitting prowess is from his power-hitting ability. He has a strong technique with immense bat speed that gives him clear boundaries. Rohit Sharma’s journey is proof of his talent, hard work, and flexibility. Therefore, he has cemented his reputation as a true maestro of maximums in T20 Internationals. Today, he has hit the following: 323 sixes in 262 ODIs and 190 sixes in 151 T20Is.

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The Reigning Sixer Kings 

Chris Gayle:

The legendary “Universe Boss” is known for his explosive batting and holds the fourth spot for most sixes in T20Is.  There is no denying he is in our number one place for the Sixer Kings position in international cricket.  In ODIs, he has smashed 331 sixes, and for T20Is, he achieved 124 sixes in just 79 matches. His ability to play well and deliver sixes proves he is a legend in cricket. Overall, he has a total of 553 sixes so far.

Shahid Afridi:

He was a prominent figure in international cricket, known for his all-rounder skills and aggressive playing style. Afridi has hit the following: 351 sixes in ODIs, 73 sixes in T20Is, and 52 in Test matches. Overall, this paved the way for him to acquire a 476 total of sixes which put him in second place.

Rohit Sharma: 

At present, he holds the record for most sixes in T20Is and is likely a strong contender for the top spot across all formats considering his exceptional T20I record. Rohit Sharma has played 389 matches, and, in those matches, he has achieved 457 sixes across formats. According to his records, he got 273 sixes in 241 ODIs, and for T20Is, he got 182 sixes in 148 matches.

There are also honorable mentions to complete our top five of possible Sixer kings, and they are these two: Brendon McCullum and Martin Guptill.

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Legacy of Six-Hitting Phenomenon 

The success of six hitters has led to a change in batting tactics. Teams now prioritize aggressive Strokeplay and maximizing runs from each ball, with six hitting becoming a key factor of the strategy. Moreover, the excitement created by six-hitting has added to the immense popularity of T20 cricket, making it the fastest-growing format of the game. One more thing, the demand for higher hits has influenced bat designs, with manufacturers creating bats with innovation, incorporating lighter materials to help with the power hitting in cricket games.


In the world of international cricket, sixes have become a big factor, redefining strategies, captivating audiences, and shaping the essence of the shorter formats of cricket. Sixes have injected a new layer of excitement into the cricket game. Moreover, the significance of sixes goes beyond the entertainment factor. They have pushed the boundaries of the game, forced bowlers to innovate, and led to the evolution of bat designs.  Moreover, the players who have mastered the art of hitting sixes are recognized in the cricket scene. In the end, cricket continues to evolve, and one thing remains certain: getting sixes is highly important to win!

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