The Top 7 E-Sports Games That You Can Bet On

E-Sports Games

It is a form of competition that play using video games. However, it often takes the form of a multiplayer and well-organized video game competition. Over the past decade, e-sports games have become more popular than ever. The esports audience is expected to rise to over 728 million globally in 2022. 

There is no doubt that esports games provide multiple genres like arena, shooter games, and adventures. With esports tournaments getting bigger, another industry has changed to follow trends. Now the betting industry includes esports betting on their menus. So, passionate players, gamers, and punters can potentially make money on their favorite games. There is a big list of esports games that you can bet on, but here you will learn about the top 7 esports games. 

FIFA World Cup:

Football is one of the most popular games in sports betting. So its virtual version can’t lack in the e-sports games list. This esports game features all the major aspects of football, like tournaments and teams. Therefore, you also have many betting options in the game. The changes included in the big list are which team will win, the final score, or which player will score a goal. 

In FIFA esports, you don’t need to bet on the team’s entire performance but the players. This championship has various stages, like the group, round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals. Finally, there is a grand final where you can bet on scores, and bets on the player, to the winner in online bookmakers.


It is one of the most popular e-sports games. PubG pits players against themselves in a multiplayer battle royale genre. The game’s popularity has been increasing day and night since its release in 2017. BUBG Corporation releases PubG, and now it has become a solid esports choice for players worldwide. There are two teams in the game. Both teams’ major goals are to shoot and kill opposing players and save themselves from their competitors. 

Call of Duty:

It is an intense first-person shooter game. Call of duty is the most famous esports game where gamers have to compete against each other with one main mission, don’t get killed. Usually, you are betting on players or teams that kill their competitors before they get killed. 

You are looking at these competitions yielding teams of 4. In addition, similar to any other first-person shooter e-sports game, you need to know the individual players that form these teams. When you are well aware of all these aspects, you will be better prepared to place a bet that will end with a profit. 


It is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter game. It is a five vs. five multiplayer first0-person shooter esports game, where one team attacks and the other defends. However, the major game mode, Search and Destroy, is like CSGO. The major goal of the attacking team is to plant a bomb and have it detonate. 

On the other hand, the defending team tries to avoid that. It is also one of the most famous e-sports games you can bet on. Many players and punters place their bets on various aspects, including, which team will win, how many rounds each team will win, and many others.


It is the newest third-shooter esports game in the market. Fortnite is one e-sports game that players and competitors can’t avoid because of its dynamics. Therefore, the developers of the game frequently organize Fortnite Tournaments. Moreover, this esports game features three unique gameplay modes: Battle Royale, Save the World, and Zero Build. In this competition, you have a chance to win a $30 million prize pool.

Dota 2:

This esports game features an online battle arena where two teams of 5 players must defend their territory. Dota 2 has a major esports league Dota Pro Circuit that determines the teams to qualify for the International. However, the best team goes to the International, which has a current prize pool of $40 million. 

It makes it one of the highly lucrative e-sports games for players and is currently the most valuable. You can always bet on this esports game in major sportsbooks worldwide. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

It is a first-person shooter genre of esports game. Similar to other FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features two teams of 5 players in each team. In this esports game, you can experience new and updated weapons, game modes, characters, and maps. The competitive nature of this one of the most popular e-sports games is suitable for esports betting. Moreover, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the top-ranking esports game in the esports gaming landscape.


Esports is a relative form of entertainment that millions of people worldwide enjoy. However, it often forms organized, multiplayer video game competitions. Betting is also a major aspect of these e-sports games. You can get large turnovers and feel the thrill of a battle between strong teams.

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