These are Some of the Worst Places for Sports Betting Research

These are Some of the Worst Places for Sports Betting Research

So you are a new sports bettor. Congratulations, you have found a new hobby. But what next? You know that to become good at sports gambling, not only do you have to have a clear sense of the game, but do a lot of research about every detail of the teams and the players. The market is not an easy place to survive. Many people give up after a while when they see how much misinformation roams around in there. But we are here to help you so that you don’t have to give up. Even though the market is rife with information, not every bit of data is true. And these are the sources that you should stay away from while doing sports betting research. 

1. Obnoxious Experts 

Experts are a great source of information. But not all of them are actually experts. Much of the information that gamblers get is from the media. There is nothing wrong with it. However, there are always some know-it-all characters that will claim to be the masters of everything. These are the phony experts that you should stay away from. They only care about their viewer count as every new viewer brings in more money. They sound too convincing and might be able to change your mind. But you should not take every word they say as truth as seldom any of it is.

2. Wannabe Bloggers 

The Internet has an abundance of data regarding sports betting. But not all of the people who claim to know everything actually do. This is especially true amongst many sports bloggers. A lot of media houses, while trying to stay relevant, use bloggers who have little to no experience with sports betting. One of the best ways to identify these wannabes is to see how much they brag about their winnings. If they tell you that they turn over more than 55%, then they are probably lying. That is a huge number even the best sports bettor fail to achieve sometimes. They might give you some correct data, but most of it would be wrong. So they are not a trustworthy source at all. 

3. Next Door Bettor 

We all probably have met this person once in our lives. They might have a little more experience than you and think of themselves as the God of sports betting. You should definitely stay away from these people. They usually know very little and relying on their knowledge alone might cost you a lot of money. So if you see someone trying to give you advice but fail to turn up those numbers themselves, it is better to not listen to them. Most of the info they will give you will probably be biased and untrue. 

4. Internet Forums 

Internet forums or message boards are one of the worst ways to research your bets. On the internet, everyone has something to say.  Unfortunately, most of it is biased opinions than facts. Useful information is scarce in these message boards and online forums. It is better to rely on people who have legit knowledge of the game and the teams. Rather than depending on those that know very little but boast a lot.

5. Tout Services

Last but not least, there are tout services. These businesses are only there to prey on clueless sports gamblers. The basics of tout services are pretty simple. You have to pay them some money and they will give you their top picks for the next week. The problem with this is, most of the time, their picks are baseless. Even though some of them offer you a moneyback guarantee, it only gives you back the money you gambled. Not the fee that you pay them. Oftentimes, you don’t get the money but just some credit scores on their sites. So it is best to stay away from these sites. 


The world of gambling is a hard one. The world of sports betting is even more so. Because unlike in gambling, in sports betting, nothing is in your hands. Your future depends on how well you can guess the outcome of a match based on the information you get. This is exactly why it is so important to filter out useless information. Make sure to do your research from the right sources and don’t give up. Slowly but surely, you will get the hang of it and do better.

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