Tips On Betting On IPL 2021 Matches

Tips On Betting On IPL 2021 Matches

It is common knowledge that IPL is probably the biggest domestic cricket leagues right now. After the Covid woes of 2020, IPL returns to Indian stadiums sometime in April 2021. 

Whether you are a veteran sports bettor or a newbie in the betting game trying to dip your toes in the IPL market, the time to be in the know is now. Here is a primer of all things you need to know before you get into IPL Betting in 2021. 

Sizing Up The Teams

Last year, the strong likeliness of two brand new teams. However much we would like to see new squads spice up the leaderboards, BCCI has recently confirmed that no addition of any new teams is going to happen at least till the 2022 IPL session. To clarify, this season will have the same eight competing teams we are familiar with. The teams are as follows: Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Here are the top three teams you should keep your eye on.

Mumbai Indians

Most experts and handicappers will place Mumbai Indians on top of their probable winners list. And that barely comes as any surprise to any of us. The MI side have won five titles in total – including the last two seasons. The biggest crutch of the defending champions is their strong, young domestic team. Coming in with strong chemistry between budding stars such as Bumrah and the Pandya brothers, MI are no doubt the most formidable opponent for any team. Although this also means that bookmakers will not offer good betting odds on them.  

Chennai Super Kings 

Chennai has consistently delivered from year one of IPL. The three-time winners have beaten the semifinals twice as many times in the last decade. However, 2020 was an abysmal year that their rating plummeted. CSK unfortunately failed to even make the playoffs last season. Which is very strange when one looks at their star-studded lineup. Granted, the band of Faf du Plesis, Shane Watson, and Murli Vijay are all approaching the twilight years of their cricketing career. Which means the February mega-auction could not come at a better time for the CSK side. Moreover, 2021 might very well be Dhoni’s last IPL season. This all the more puts the onus on them to surprise fans and handicappers alike. 

Delhi Capitals 

After the name change from Delhi Daredevils, the side had a reversal of roles with CSK last year. It was a team that used to sit at the bottom of the league table, but surprisingly they finished in the third spot in 2020. There are still many bumps to iron out, but DC has really started to hit its stride. They are one of the top fan favorites contending for the 2021 IPL trophy.

Now, when you think about potential champions or finalists, there are two things you should consider. Firstly, their overall likelihood of emerging victorious. Secondly the odds listed on them. Generally speaking, nothing is set in stone when we talk about a sport like cricket. Underdogs actually come out on the top more often than one would think. And this is where the bookmaker’s odds are a good factor to think about. Wherever there is an almost surefire winner, you will win really low on that bet. Remember that the bookmakers set the odds very specifically to make sure they get more money than they lose to winning punters. Here, some more general good sports betting practices would take you a long way to winning more. 

IPL Betting Options

One big thing a newer punter will tend to overlook is the sheer flexibility of betting options they have. Of course, the outright winner of a match and the tournament champion will continue to be the most coveted holy grail of betting. But it’s always better to explore alternatives. As for IPL, nearly all major betting sites such as Betway and 10Cric will give you a number of in-play variety betting pools. These include, but are not limited to: Runs scored in first 6 overs, the toss winner, top batsman, top bowler, number of sixes, whether there will be 50s/100s for an individual player in the match, the man of the match, man of the tournament and so on. 

To conclude, we must also remind you of the most fundamental tool you have for IPL 2021 betting: line-shopping. You will only win good money if you can spot a bet that offers a higher than average value. But such a good leeway might be one in a thousand. In finding a good bet, you are essentially trying to out-guess the bookmaker on the value of the said bet. So the first step to that is digging around on every major betting site to find which one offers the highest odds – you would be surprised to find out how much they can vary from one betting platform to another.

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