Tips to Ace Your eSports Betting Game

Tips to Ace Your eSports Betting Game

What had started as a close-knit LAN party of friends for video games has now turned into a billion-dollar industry with millions of fans worldwide. eSports has become a rage in online video gaming and has hiked up the demand for eSports betting as well. From nail-biting tournaments and leagues to potential seven-figure earnings, the eSports gambling arena is quite happening. But like every other sports betting, eSports gambling entails that you have the best tips and strategies up your sleeve. So here’s a complete guide on eSports betting tips to ace the game.

The Popularity of eSports

eSports is the world of organized and competitive video gaming. Players from different teams and leagues face each other in popular games that are viewed by fans worldwide. Streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch let viewers watch the game in real-time, adding to eSports’ ever-growing fandom. Popular eSports Games include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, League of Legends, and DOTA 2, to name a few. eSports tournaments garner massive sponsorships; the International 2019 (DOTA 2) had a prize pool of over $34 million. It is also predicted that the total amount wagered on various eSports will touch the $23 billion mark in 2020.

Tips and Strategies of eSports Betting:

Find the right sportsbook

You may ask – should I go for a traditional bookie offering eSports bets or a specialized one? Well, it depends on personal preference and circumstances. If you are already at ease with an online platform, you may stick with it, or go for an eSports-specific site if you are comfortable switching around frequently. In the end, all you have to ensure is that your chosen bookmaker is safe, reliable, offers competitive odds, and makes your eSports betting experience worthwhile.

Understand the game before betting

Always do pre-match research to get familiarized with the game, the betting odds, and the players. Only then can you find favourable odds and use them to your advantage. Therefore, you must understand the game properly.

Learn how the bookmaker odds work

Bookmakers offer odds after working out the probability of events occurring and then invite bettors to place eSports wagers on these odds. However, bookies always look to even out the money to make a profit either way. So, they set a margin, offering somewhat poorer odds than the actual chance of an event occurring. For instance, if Team X has a 40% chance of winning, and Team Y has a 60% chance of winning, then the teams’ odds maybe 42% and 62%, respectively. In the short-term, the extra 2% edge will be profitable to you if you win. However, such an advantage on a long-term basis will ultimately mean that you lose.

Check out the odds comparison tables

Here are many bookies out there who offer a variety of eSports betting markets. But the odds on such markets vary significantly from one bookie to the other. Always ensure that you get the best odds. So before betting, remember to check out the odds comparison tables online to see which bookmakers offer the highest payout.

Place bets on totals

This strategy lets you work with the eSports market’s strengths and includes ‘total kills,’ ‘total game time,’ etc. Bets on totals usually offer decent odds for an over and under prediction, ensuring sensible returns.

Opt for early cash out

If your preferred team takes an early lead, their current in-play odds will rise. Take advantage of the situation by cashing out early with a potential profit. Therefore, when you’re winning a bet but apprehend that the odds may turn against you, cash out with a profit and place your odds on the other team with bigger odds.

Place small bets

Wagering small sums on big accumulator bets limits losses and increases the chances of winning. Thus you can combine this strategy with early cash out to get a higher return. The best part is that you needn’t win every leg of the accumulator bet to cash out.

Stay updated on gameplay strategies

Gameplay strategies in eSports are super dynamic. Depending on experience, skills, and opponents, teams create unique signature defenses and attacks. So be wary of the latest strategies of your team of choice.

Try betting on smaller tournaments

Bookmakers focus more on formulating odds on the big tournaments, and those are always in their favour. Thus the smaller games offer a low-risk market with better odds and eliminate chances of house advantage.

The eSports market is booming and will gain more momentum in the years to come. If you’re willing to put in a little effort on research and learning how the eSports function, you could take home significant profits from eSports betting. Just keep the tips in mind and ace your eSports betting game.

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