Top 10 fastest balls in IPL history

Top 10 Fastest Balls in IPL History | Highest bowling speeds

In the fast-paced world of IPL, where cricketers are playing, the race for winning is spot on. There will always be a bowler who led supreme in every IPL tournament in terms of fastest deliveries ever bowled. Their names are equivalent in swift, fiery, and record-breaking bowling exploits. For every match, there will be someone who shines most when it comes to fast bowling, and these cricketers are synonymous with greatness. Their quick bowling deliveries are at an overwhelming speed of kilometers per hour, and that is unbelievable to achieve, but it happens. The records they hold have stood in time, a statement for their exceptional bowling talent and a reminder of the talent that can be unleashed on the cricket field. Therefore, let us dig deeper and explore the background and the story behind the success of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history.

Top 10 Fastest Ball in IPL History.

In this section, we will be named down the top 10 IPL fastest ball ever recorded in this cricket tournament. Let us start with the first bowler who made such an incredible feat in the world of IPL.

1. Shaun Tait – Speed: 157.71 kmph / IPL 2011

Shaun Tait is the first bowler who achieved the fastest bowling delivery ever recorded in IPL history. This milestone occurs during a match in the 2011 Indian Premier League (IPL). It happened while he was playing for his team at that time, the Rajasthan Royals, against the Delhi Daredevils. Suddenly, he unleashed a fiery and speedy bowling delivery at 157.71 kmph that solidified his playing reputation in IPL. With such impressive bowling speed, he is one of the IPL’s most gifted cricketers. There is no denying that his bowling record is leading and has remained unbeatable up to this time.

2. Lockie Ferguson – Speed: 157.3 kmph / IPL 2022

Ferguson is in the second spot in our list of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. He achieved such victory when he was playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad in a match against the Rajasthan Royals. In the IPL 2022 match, he delivered the fastest ball in his time. Lockie’s bowling speed has brought suspense to his opposing players, and that proves how relevant his bowling skills are when delivered on the cricket field. This cricketer has made a legacy for unlocking a bowling speed of 157.3 kmph, and that is hard to beat up like Shaun Tait’s bowling record.

3. Umran Malik – Speed: 157 kmph / IPL 2022

An emerging player in IPL, Malik will make you stun with his bowling prowess and fiery deliveries. This cricketer has immense talent by showcasing his quick pace while bowling in a recent IPL 2022 match. Despite being second to the bowling speed of Lockie Ferguson in the same IPL season, Malik has proved that he is capable of being on our list of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Even though a young player in cricket sport, his bowling speed and ability will give him a bright future, especially when he keeps playing in the IPL tournament. Nevertheless, being in the third spot in terms of bowling speed is already a feat to celebrate.

4. Anrich Nortje – Speed: 156.22 kmph / IPL 2020

Nortje is a fast bowler from South Africa who can bring significant impact to the IPL stage. He has the record for being the fastest bowler that the Delhi Capitals have. Thus, blazing a bowling delivery speed of 156.22 kmph during the IPL 2020 season against its opposing team, Rajasthan Royals. His playing velocity and enormous playing skills had served as a critical contribution for his team, Delhi Capitals to reach the finals, despite losing at the end of the game.

5. Umran Malik – Speed: 156 kmph / IPL 2022

We know it can be a repetition for Umran Malik to be in our list of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history, but it is the IPL records statistics. Therefore, we should be following what real scores have been produced in every match in IPL. Going back to Malik, again this bowler is in the fifth spot for having the fastest ball delivery. However, this time he achieved 156 kmph in the same 2022 IPL season. This achievement was achieved when he played against Delhi Capitals and playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Malik’s consistency in bowling fast is apparent and see why he is again making records

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6. Anrich Nortje – Speed: 155.1 kmph / IPL 2020

Repeating his fast-bowling performance, Nortje again achieved a rapid bowling delivery at 155.1 kmph in the IPL 2020. This achievement has deeply established his name and legacy as one of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Playing for his team Delhi Capitals, Nortje proved that he could deliver another exceptional bowling pace, giving him recognition as a deadly bowler during the time he unleashed such bowling power he has in him. With his sharp speed, his delivery is one of the best in the world of IPL tournaments.

7. Umran Malik – Speed: 154.8 kmph / IPL 2022

This is the third spot for Malik who is already mentioned in the early part of this article. However, it is still worth noting his third-place speed at 154.8 kmph in the same IPL 2022 season, where he achieved the first two fast bowling recognitions he received. Representing Sunrisers Hyderabad has made him achieve 3 records for the fast-bowling deliveries in the IPL history. Malik’s recurring quick bowling over 150 kmph is truly impressive and one of a kind. He has the full potential to be an icon in the cricket sports scene.

8. Anrich Nortje – Speed: 154.7 kmph / IPL 2020

This is the third occasion when Nortje is on our list of the top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Once more, he produced unwavering bowling, this time it was the eighth quickest ball delivery in IPL. This milestone occurred at a velocity of 154.7 kmph when he played against the Rajasthan Royals while playing for Delhi Capitals. This accomplishment only proves how immense Nortje’s talent is, especially in the bowling department. Thus, his contributions when playing cricket on the field are truly valuable in many ways.

9. Dale Steyn – Speed: 154.4 kmph / IPL 2012

Steyn is a South African cricketer in IPL who is recognized for his fantastic and quick bowling deliveries. During IPL 2012, Steyn achieved his best accomplishment by unleashing a bowling pace of 154.4 kmph for the Deccan Chargers. Since then, he has become somebody in the cricket world, despite suffering injuries during the latter part of his playing career. Still, his constant bowling at quick speeds makes him a recognized bowler in IPL history. Therefore, his overall achievements are a true statement of how impressive a player he is in the field of cricket.

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10. Kagiso Rabada – Speed: 154.23 kmph / IPL 2020

This right-arm fast bowler from South Africa is on the last sport for our top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Despite being in the last sport, still it is worth mentioning his bowling speed at 154.23kmph when he played for Delhi Daredevils, who are now the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020. Rabada has this impact where he constantly bowls which made him a powerful asset in his team. Therefore, this cricketer is undeniably impressive in the bowling section, and we should not miss any of his bowling accomplishments, which is why he is on our list, of course.


The recognition for the fastest ball in IPL history is not an easy achievement. It is a display of exceptional and record-breaking bowling speed. With the ever-growing cricket tournament, like the IPL, there will be a new generation of pace bowlers breaking into the scene of the cricket world. However, there is one thing that remains the same, there will be a place for a cricketer who exceptionally bowled at a quick pace.

It is a platform that exposes great playing talents and skills, it will always produce a new set of great players, and that holds facts. Still, the IPL will always witness fast bowling deliveries in the coming years, making each match an exciting one to watch out for.

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