Top 10 Most Popular Sports in India

The 10 Best and Most Popular Sports in India

India is a diverse country made up of different types of people, backgrounds, and cultures. It is home to many different sports out there. That’s why the sport is one of the main activities that bring this multi-cultured country as one nation together. Therefore, sports in the country also plays an important role in Indian culture. Here’s a rundown of the country’s top 10 best and most popular sports.


Cricket has the title for India’s most popular sport. The popularity of sports has been maintained and increased by leading sporting channels. Through regular television appearances and promotions. The fame of the aforementioned sports is because of the great interest of the people that find it worth watching and playing for. Furthermore, India’s impressive results in international scenes such as cricket tournaments. Hence, it has a huge role to play in its growing popularity. This is far from India’s most-watched sport. Because of its outstanding success, cricket performance has retained its unmatched reputation among the citizens.


Football ranked second as India’s most popular sport in terms of games watched by fans. Although it is the most popular sport in the world, in India, football has struggled to conquer the cricket position. It remains as a sleeping giant. Therefore, despite the popularity it receives, the sport is actually played by only a few people in the country. In return, football in India becomes a spectator sport. Most of the popularity it receives comes from people watching the competition from European teams. Because European football’s biggest teams have fan clubs in India.


Kabaddi is the most ingenious and oldest traditional Indian sport. It was one of India’s outdoor game that was played mostly in villages but has now become an international sport. As a result, India won gold medals at the Asian Games as well as six Kabaddi world cups. But who will assume that Kabaddi had returned to the Indian sports attraction hub because it was ignored once? This sport has definitely come back to the mainstream because of the unpredicted rise of the Pro Kabaddi League that held annually across various cities in India.


In India, Badminton is a popular sport and ranked second to cricket as the most played sport. The main reason for the growing popularity of badminton is the talented Indian athletes; who make their country proud of winning different international tournaments. The badminton growth in winning is now on spot. As India is achieving good international success. Badminton will always be a sport of great interest to India’s general public. Hence, it is not shocking to see the success of this sport in India.


Hockey has been accepted as India’s national sport. This sport had produced great Indian teams with historically successful records. The athletes received numerous medals at various international tournaments. That made India stand out from other countries. India was recognized as one of the Olympics ‘ most successful hockey team ever made. This country has a way of producing excellent hockey players. Unfortunately, the Indian team performance has deteriorated over the past three decades after the last gold medal.


Tennis in India has been a popular sport for a long time. Sadly, in the single match category, India was not that strong, but it did much better in the category of doubles and mixed doubles. India had therefore produced tennis players who gained international attention. It made their presence in some of the top tennis tournaments and grand slams. On the doubles circuit, tennis has received global recognition.


Wrestling is one of India’s oldest and most-watched sports. The sport has gained popularity over time. And from many major tournaments has brought a number of medals to India. Since 2008, Indian wrestlers have taken Indian wresting to a higher-level at winning medals at every Olympics. At the Asian Games, the Indian team won two gold medals and one bronze. This sport has achieved and created a strong international image.


Boxing is a professional sport most commonly associated with WWE and other rivalry focused on fighting. It’s far from those sports associations, though. It is a competition in which, for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing arena. Hence, two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other. Due to the lack of discernible international wins; this sport does not have a large fan base. Despite limited success at global championships. It has been achieved a medal holder at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games.


Indian motorsports fans are always keenly interested in this sport, which is established continuously over the years later. Therefore, throughout its development, this sport has achieved steady growth. Formula One is the main source of its growth. It is the largest rivalry in motorsports that has been the reason behind the country’s rising popularity. Formula One has sparked Indian public interest and has become one of the most popular sports in India.


Basketball will always be part of the culture of Indian sports. One of the most popular sports regularly played in schools. And yet, given its participation in extracurricular activities; Indian basketball athletes have been not involved in the sport in the international arena. Hence, India has shown significant success in basketball over the past few years. The Indian woman’s basketball team was qualified in Division A for the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup.

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