Top 6 E-Sports Documentaries of the Recent Decade

Top 6 E-Sports Documentaries of the Recent Decade

As e-sports has become more and more popular among the new generation, the media is not too far behind to catch up. If you still think that gaming is something that only loner nerds do in the comfort of their bedrooms, you couldn’t be more wrong. E-sports has a world of its own that’s very popular. E-sports leagues are as popular and mesmerizing as any other sports leagues. With the rise of online gaming in the last decade, it’s not surprising that it would make its way to pop culture. 

E-sports documentaries are exactly what they sound like. They document the tumultuous ups and downs of the lives of e-sports players. This can be about a specific league, a team, or a player. E-sports documentaries are pretty popular amongst gamers. If you are someone that loves gaming, here are six e-sports documentaries from the last decade you must watch. 

1. Free to Play The Movie

This 2014 documentary by the American video game company Valve is a favorite among the viewers. It follows the turmoils of Benedict Lim (hyhy), Danil Ishutin (Dendi), and Clinton Loomis (Fear) as they participate in The First International. It was the biggest e-sports league of the time. The movie is based on the game DotA 2, which changed the lives of these people and many more. This 1.15-hour documentary is very interesting as it follows these players and their fight to win a million dollars.

2. Team Liquid: Breaking Point

This 2016 documentary follows the multi-regional professional e-sports organization and their post-game discussions. This 1 hour 47 minutes long documentary revealed a lot of toxicity among the players and created a buzz among the viewers when it was released. But Team Liquid’s European DotA 2 squad won 2017’s The International so their teamwork obviously improved. Nevertheless, this is a very entertaining watch for anyone. 

3. The Smash Brothers

This series is a  documentary about the history of the competitive side of the legendary game Super Smash Bros. It is divided into nine parts and was released in 2013. The director and writer of this series is Travis Beauchamp (Samox). It is an intensive documentation of the game’s history and stars prominent Super Smash Bros players. If you are into the game, you should watch this to bring out your competitive side. 

4. Live/Play Miniseries

This 2016 documentary dives into the die-hard community behind the popular game League of Legends. It consists of four episodes that delve deep into the League of Legends community. It’s a very interesting watch for anyone that’s interested in the game. But even if you’re not a League of Legends player, it’ll give you an idea about gaming communities in general.

5. Against the Odds

Against the Odds is RedBull’s first e-sports documentary that follows the DotA 2 team OG. OG won The International 2018 when the series’ beginning almost saw the end of the team. It’s a great insight into the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The 2019 documentary stars all the team OG players of the time and the hardships they had to go through to become victorious in the end. It’s a great series for anyone that’s a fan of DotA 2 or OG. 

6. My Name is TotalBiscuit

The Life and Times of John Bain- This 2019 documentary is a little different from the rest of the list. Instead of focusing on a game, league, or gaming community, this one focuses on John Bain. John Bain (TotalBiscuit) was a YouTuber and e-sports player who lost his life to terminal cancer in May 2018. He announced his retirement a few weeks before his death. This hour-long documentary is a homage, as well as a peek into the life of TotalBiscuit. Though different from regular e-sports documentaries, it’s a very good watch. 


That concludes our list of the 6 best e-sports documentaries. If you are someone who likes gaming or is into e-sports, these are all a must-watch for you. All of them have amazing IMDB ratings and reviews. Some of them are made in a way that anyone will understand even though you are not a big fan of gaming. They follow the turmoil of e-sports players which is very interesting to watch and you can learn a lot from all of them.

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