Top 6 Favourite Kabaddi Players in India

Top 6 Favourite Kabaddi Players in India

There is no doubt that cricket reigns supreme as the most popular sports in India. This also reflects on the betting market. But one of the best things about sports betting today is the variety of sports you can bet on. Kabaddi is not the most lucrative or profiting game, but it is very much a subcontinental game. Save for Canada; only Asian countries have dominated the international Kabaddi leagues. India also plays host to most of the international leagues. So there is also some buzz that kabaddi is accumulating in the betting scene. Currently, many major sportsbooks have flexible kabaddi betting options. Games of kabaddi are also over within 40 minutes, making them both entertaining and efficient as a betting scene. 

Kabaddi is a contact sport through and through. So instead of betting on outright win conditions, player betting can be a worthwhile option. In general, the two big options here are top tackler and top raider. If you monitor player strength, it will definitely take your betting game up a notch. In case you are not up to speed, here is a refresher on the top 6 kabaddi players you should track if you bet on kabaddi.

Naveen Kumar

Naven Kumar is currently the boy wonder who can potentially become one of the top kabaddi players of all time. In fact, he is already en route to that with more achievements than one would expect out of a 19-year-old raider. His performance in the Indian domestic kabaddi league with Dabang Delhi K.C. has been quite consistent. To top it all off, the last Pro Kabaddi season he played was his career-best. With an outstanding 22 super-10s in a single season, he managed to set the world record in the 2019 Pro Kabaddi league. He scored 230 raid points in 31 matches. All in all, it does not look like that will change in the 2021 season. If you are keen on betting top raiders, Naveen Kumar is probably a safe guess in all matches where the Dabang Delhi side takes part. 

Pawan Sehrawat

Pawan’s top performance and leadership got him his well-earned vice-captaincy in the Indian national team. The easy label of his potential is his world record of raid points in a single match – 39. So it is not surprising that Pawan almost single-handedly won his side, Bengaluru Bulls, their maiden title in 2018. His zeal and skill are also apparent in the Senior National Championship games. Again, here he played a key role in Indian Railways, becoming the champions. When the next session of the kabaddi league rolls around, Pawan will no doubt make crowd favourites in sportsbooks. And in this case, you’d best not bet against the crowd.

Pardeep Narwal 

Pardeep Narwal is one of those veterans whose consistency makes it hard to bet against them. He is currently the only player in the Pro Kabaddi League to hold over 1000 raid points. He was the biggest contributor behind Patna Pirates’ success in the league from 2015 to 2017. Sadly the Patna side has not qualified for PKL in the last two seasons despite Pardeep’s frantic efforts and energetic performances.

Fazel Atrachali

Fazel is definitely one of the top defenders in international kabaddi right now. The Iran skipper was even featured in the World 7 side ahead of the 2019 Pro Kabaddi League. He is pretty much the staple for left corner defense in every team that includes him. In fact, his blocks and waist pulls are notoriously difficult to evade. And the statistics can speak for that. He currently holds the third-highest number of tackle wins in PKL at 311. 

Manjeet Chillar

No matter if you are going for top raider or tackler, Chillar is a worthwhile player to consider putting your points on. Chillar is the top defender of PKL by numbers. He had 337 tackle points to his name by the seventh season. But the biggest selling point to Chillar is his flexibility, which puts him in a strange position on the betting tables. But this also makes the odds high, and he certainly has the grit to beat out the top raiders. 

Nitesh Kumar

If Nitesh Kumar is in a match, he will definitely be on the top tackles cards in the sportsbooks. The ankle-hold maestro is a fierce protector of points at the right corner. The numbers are an easy testament to his skills. For instance, just in the last PKL season, he clinched a record 150 tackles in 50 outings. 

All of these players will definitely be dominating forces on their sides in the upcoming PKL season and international tournaments. The good thing about the top raiders, in particular, is that they fly solo, so good raiders are always likely to score high. But you should also monitor their current form and other critical factors at the same time. 

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