Top betting tips for IPL 2020

Top betting tips for IPL 2020

It’s no secret that India loves cricket. Many Indians would love to watch the game even if none of the team playing is ‘India’. But with the advent of IPL, the game of cricket has become even more popular. As per the BCCI, IPL contributed about 11 billion INR to the Indian economy. For such a star-studded match, there are a lot of bettors trying to cash in. The IPL tournament is a series of T-20 matches, which brings together domestic and foreign players to play as a ‘state’ or ‘city’ team.  
Due to the pandemic, IPL 2020 has been rescheduled. It will be held on 19 September 2020 in the UAE.

Tips on choosing the right betting market

Before you decide to bet on any IPL match, it is important to get a small knowledge about the betting market. Too many bettors jump into a betting frenzy without calculating the risks and benefits. In the end, they may win a bet but get little in return. With the help of these cricket betting tips on IPL betting market, you can place your bet more consciously:

  • Choosing the right operator: The first step that a bettor should take is to choose the right operator. Each operator in the betting industry offers different odds. You should go for an operator who offers great odds and promises a better payout. Try finding value odds. The operator you choose should also give welcome bonuses or promotions so that you can enjoy a few attractive benefits while placing your bet.
  • Choosing the right betting market: There are many betting markets that an operator offers. These betting markets include Top Batsman of the series, the Man of the Match, total runs (under and over bets), toss win, and several others. You should have a clear idea on which betting market you would like to go for. Do not experiment with all the markets. 
  • Money Management: Betting is a risky affair. Always keep a budget when you want to go betting. You should have a proper staking plan and should manage your bankroll so that you don’t lose too much money in the long run.

Cricket betting tips for IPL

Once you have chosen an operator and a budget, you are ready for betting on IPL matches. However, it would be wise to go use some free betting tips for IPL 2020. The betting tips for IPL will mould you to become a more strategic bettor. Some of the things that you should examine are:

Match conditions: Weather conditions influence a cricket match to a large degree. High humidity during the match can result in exhaustion of players. Even a simple drizzle can cancel a match or lower the number of overs. Sometimes, rain or poor weather conditions can make the official declare a winner on the basis of the Duckworth-Lewis method. So, you should always keep a watch on the weather forecast and match conditions while betting. 

Condition of pitch: Pitch conditions, as examined under pre-match circumstances, go a long way into determining parameters like runs scored or wickets taken. A grassy pitch could work in favour of fast bowlers, and a dusty pitch favours spinners. Therefore, given the toss and the subsequent call made by the winning captain to bat or ball directly affects the outcome of the match. 

Performance of the team: A bettor should follow the news and keep a tab on the performance of the team. If you are not betting on the first match of the team; then you can analyze their performance of the previous matches and bet accordingly. Mumbai Indians are the defending champions, and Chennai Super Kings are the most consistent ones. Sunrisers Hyderabad, the runner-up of the previous season, is expected to give a tough fight. Additionally, due to the pandemic, there might be fewer foreign players participating, and so, it will be essential to recreate strategies for IPL 2020.

Player performance: In IPL, players win matches. Since IPL teams come with a variety of strengths from both domestic and international fields, you should be aware of the player performances of each team. You should be aware of a player is injured or whether their performance is getting poorer for the last few cricket matches. Since teams are actually made by players interacting and playing with one another, it is mandatory to look into individual players to understand team dynamics and estimate the overall team performance.

In conclusion, as a bettor, you should be careful with this year’s IPL and follow the betting tips of IPL 2020. It can be a risky game, but it will be profitable nonetheless. So, strategize properly and bring your best betting game into the industry to score wins.

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